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a fibrous scleroprotein in bone and cartilage and tendon and other connective tissue

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Increased diameters of collagen fibrils precipitated in vitro in the presence of decorin from various connective tissues.
For example, during this process in vertebrates, collagen fibrils have been shown to fuse together tip-to-tip, forming longer fibrils (Graham et al.
Stroma: scarring and cell apoptosis; reduced sub-basal nerve density which corresponds to reduced corneal sensation; altered collagen fibril orientation and loss of stromal collagen lamellae; abnormal cross links between collagen fibrils cause the cornea to change shape and bulge
The collagen bundles were formed of many thick collagen fibrils.
Cit) opined that matured collagen fibrils were evident on 14th day of treatment of open wounds in rats.
The fascicles are a collection of collagen fibrils surrounded by an endotenon.
In our study all herniated tissues in group A1, B1 and C1, Annuli fibrosus showed loss of collagen fibrils with dis-organised and disrupted lamellar pattern, result in clefts or fissures formation, across the annulus fibrosus, and clefts may extend to the inner part, "nucleus pulposus".
6) Additionally, the mean diameter of collagen fibrils in the biglycan knockout mice was smaller in the proximal predentin, but larger in the central and distal predentin.
At the deeper face, the basal plate is a thick layer of incompletely mineralized tissue composed by elasmodin, that consists of a series of collagen fibrils organized into a plywood-like structure (Meunier, 1981; Schultze apud Sire and Akimenko, 2004), visible on the scales of P.
There was also infiltration by granulocytes, and bundles of collagen fibrils into the tumor tissue.
The Bowman's and Descemet's membranes are relatively thin, tough layers, rich in collagen fibrils [21] and both about 10-20 [micro]m thick.
To investigate the three dimensional structures of the collagen fibrils in articular cartilage, full thickness canine humeral cartilage was microtomed into perpendicular sections that include the articular surface to the subchondral bone and approximately 100 successive parallel sections, each 6 pm thick.
Sulfur is important for supporting disulfide bonds between collagen fibrils helping to preserve the pliancy of our skin," said Rodney Benjamin, technical director for Bergstrom Nutrition.