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Synonyms for collaborator

Synonyms for collaborator

someone who assists in a plot

someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force

an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest

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Sanjeev Shah, CEO of Business Collaborator stated : "Business Collaborator is the right product at the right time for the construction industry which is now seeing a revival.
The testimonies of the women arrested by the Palestinian security forces in Gaza showed that Israel has recently had an urgent need to recruit as many collaborators as possible to gather information about the fighters, including their locations, their plans and their performance.
Collaborators and traitors take many forms: they are prevalent in warfare but common in "ordinary" society as well, and labels such as "scab laborer" are used to describe them.
Hashem said that leniency with collaborators would encourage others to act against the interests of Lebanon.
During the execution of the protocol, failure of any collaborator can cause the termination of the overall protocol.
Over the last decade the Library of the University of California, Riverside and its collaborators have developed a number of systems, service designs, and projects that utilize innovative technologies to foster better Internet finding tools in libraries and more cooperative and efficient effort in Internet link and metadata collection building.
A key step in the collaborative process occurs when collaborators appropriate each other's skills and expertise (John-Steiner, 2000).
By the simplest definition, a collaborator is someone who has maintained contact with the Israeli authorities.
This notion of uncertainty breeding insight and knowledge is another defining attribute of works by Jenkins and her collaborators.
We will abduct and interrogate a collaborator only after evidence of his guilt has been established--never before.
Other collaborators fled to Israel, especially after the watershed lynching of an armed collaborator in the village of Qabatiya in February 1988.
The learning progress is therefore made fully transparent to the learners and project leaders, internal processes are accelerated measurably - and in particular when the collaborator is used in combination with the producer.
The statement said that according to the confessions of the first collaborator, he was responsible for providing Israel with information on three residential buildings and three workshops used by the resistance groups, and that those properties were later targeted and destroyed by the Israeli air force.
Contract notice: Adjudication publique pour le nettoyage du batiment du conseil du contentieux des etrangers pour le compte du service public federal interior par un collaborator a square temps et un temps partiel a collaborator
The Israeli collaborator is like an Israeli soldier who points his gun on a child, old man and woman in Lebanon.
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