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Synonyms for collaborator

Synonyms for collaborator

someone who assists in a plot

someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force

an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest

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"While some may have been coerced by the invaders into serving, others needed no encouragement," de Viana describes the enumerated collaborators. Economic opportunists
with, while controlling just what those collaborators will be able
In May, Hamas announced the execution of two men accused of being collaborators, saying they had been executed in accordance with the law.
Levitz's synthesis of material on each collaborator, in the form of drafts, letters, published primary and secondary sources, and photographs, is simply remarkable, spanning multiple disciplines and bringing together literature in several different languages in her attempt to understand the work.
The collaborator will perform this role throughout their life as they now unconsciously recognize and identify with those who are most violent, including state authorities that inflict "legitimized" violence on those individuals perceived as "enemies" or "criminals." Robert is the author of Why Violence?
"Collaborators and traitors should receive the harshest punishments, including capital punishment, rather than searching for leeway to release them," Hashem said in a statement.
However, the essence of these works, is the desire to break the sheer dehumanisation that characterises the popular perceptions of the Kashmir conflict and this is particularly evident in The Collaborator. For, both the dominant paradigms governing opinion on Kashmir -- pro-Azadi versus anti-Azadi and pro-India versus anti-India -- are essentially depersonalised and dehumanised in nature.
* Possible collusions among collaborators. Since each collaborator has at least two direct connected neighbors, any two participants can collude together to find out the secret data of their common neighbor.
Who invited India to our motherland; collaborators, and they entered in our homes.
BAGHDAD (NINA) - The Directorate of Military Intelligence arrested the group that was providing information about the security services and their collaborators in Mosul.
23 (Saba) - The security forces in Sanaa province on Friday arrested two collaborators of US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition, a security official said.
Police said they have increased security at the main border points to deter collaborators from fleeing the country.
McKay and collaborators (2010) reported a statistically significant increase in the number of satellite cells during the first 24 hours subsequent to effectuation of Exercise Training.
Futsal is a sports practice characterized by intermittent efforts of varying intensities and short duration (Macedo and collaborators, 2017; Souza and collaborators, 2010; Voser, Da Silva and Voser, 2016).
When choosing collaborators, scientists face a decision-making process that typically involves "a tradeoff between less choice locally, and increased communication and travel costs over distance," the researchers write.
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