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someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force

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He "served" two terms in the Knesset, embedded in the ruling Zionist parties, with the manifest support and sanction of the collaborationist Catholic Clerical hierarchy at the time.
Communist organizers assisted the second strike, which was carried out by Polish, French Canadian, and Irish-American workers against the collaborationist union leadership, and a company that argued for ever more rigorous production schedules, accompanied by lay-offs and dismissals, in the name of efficiency and competitiveness vis-a-vis non-union factories in the U.
Fear of extinction may unite Fatah's congress, but a superficial unity will not save the movement from its contradictions unless it succeeds in charting a clear path and direction u and shedding its growing collaborationist image.
Whatever judgement is ultimately made of Petain's conduct during World War II and his collaborationist Vichy regime, nothing can detract from his achievement at Verdun.
The past few years have seen an avalanche of books on France under German occupation and the collaborationist regime headquartered at the resort town of Vichy from 1940 to 1944.
Sterling unambiguously condemns Gens' action as collaborationist, yet presents Gens' complex and contradictory motives: he was a member of the UPO bu t was jealous of Wittenberg's position, he wanted to have Jewish authority and arms under his control, and, after the devastation of the Warsaw ghetto, Gens (and others) truly believed that peaceful compliance could save the ghetto.
As we shall see, the trials also became dramas which mocked collaborationist chiefs and headmen and exposed the false legitimacy of the apartheid state by borrowing its emblems of law and order.
To suggest that the French police are like the police of Vichy (the wartime French collaborationist regime), and that Afghans are hunted down, are the target of roundups .
In the United States, he was said to be calculating and unreliable, but unbeknownst to his detractors, this competent man was also a man of principle who insisted on having his country acknowledge at last its shameful collaborationist past and apologize for the French government's complicit role in the Holocanst--which he did within weeks of his first election in July 1995.
He represents the eager collaborationist and sought to reshape the Japan Library Association to be more attentive to the needs of the state.
The foreword by David Carroll to Camus's journalistic writings properly draws attention to the sources of his pessimism: the purge trials by the Vichy Regime of French Resistance fighters; the critique of Pierre Laval and Henri Petain; and the bitter residue against the collaborationist elements in a divided France.
A million people rejected the military premier, who is too ashamed to collect the Congressional Medal of Honour for his collaborationist valour.
They note that what they call "political Islam" dominates both sides in the Iraq war--the collaborationist regime and the armed "resistance.
The Hungarian Gold Train consisted of approximately 24 freight cars that contained personal property stolen or otherwise taken from Hungarian Jews during World War II by the Nazi regime and its collaborationist Hungarian government.
Despite advancements in productivity and industrial efficiency without the punitive or collaborationist sting of wartime, the case appears here as a "failure" (pp.
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