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someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force

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Professor Muller further points out that many surviving members of these Ukrainian collaborationist forces joined the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (the UPA) which, on top of accepting gifts of arms from the Axis Hungarian army of occupation, engaged in a ruthless war against the Poles, killing 100,000 of them.
But he was only ever prosecuted for his World War II collaborationist activities.
Japanese propagandists then unilaterally redefined Sino-Japanese amity to signify cooperation with the Chinese collaborationist regimes" (Han 2013, 593).
They battle the Germans, collaborationist French Militia and the mysterious Leo Authie.
Less known is the author's enthusiasm for the collaborationist Vichy regime that during World War II ruled part of France, the country where Stein spent most of her adult life.
He was held as a prisoner of war in Algeria by the Nazi collaborationist Vichy regime.
Labour's visceral hatred of everything we stand for means inevitably, as we saw during the Budget negotiations, that the Liberals, even while stained by the Tory collaborationist tag, will always be their preferred partners.
Indeed, former French President Jacques Chirac won a place in French history by proclaiming France's responsibility for the crimes committed by the collaborationist Vichy government against its Jewish citizens during the Nazi occupation.
That might have allowed for more on collaborationist intellectuals such as Ezra Pound and Martin Heidegger.
Chapter 2 takes us to 1945 when Robert Brasillach's collaborationist activities landed him a death sentence and Camus signed a petition to commute that sentence.
Tebbi t 's words were deliberately designed to offend Cameron's big EU partners as Vichy was the home of the collaborationist French government during the World War I I Nazi occupation of France.
The document, dated October 3 1940, is a draft of a statute on Jews under France's collaborationist Vichy regime.
My comments, therefore, are less criticisms of the present volume than eager entreaties for continued research with an eye to producing a new, accessible comprehensive history of the Polish intelligentsia--heroic, outspoken, collaborationist, silent, exiled, whispering, hypocritical, and hollow.
Equating Sarkozy with Marshal Petain's collaborationist Vichy regime is, of course, an exaggeration, but Rocard's concerns are shared by many French - and not only intellectuals and pundits.
However, I do realize that Israel and its supporters, including the Likudniks, the lobby and the collaborationist media, have capabilities that were not available to the white regime in South Africa.
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