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Synonyms for collaboration

Synonyms for collaboration

joint work toward a common end

Synonyms for collaboration

act of working jointly


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act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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"However, the solution that best integrates with existing systems may not offer the collaboration features that employees expect or that generates measurable results for the business."
93% of collaboration leaders successfully garner top-down support from their CEO.
We are always interested in learning more about collaboration and collaborative processes.
Reportedly, Skandia and GHP already have a collaboration regarding insurance customers in Stockholm with orthopaedic and spine injuries, where the focus is on securing and maintaining the care chain for customers.
In the Philippines, the interagency Committee for Asean Economic Community (CAEC), chaired by the Department of Trade and Industry, provides the forum for proper coordination and collaboration across relevant government agencies on AEC matters.
Moving collaboration from digitization to digitalization will have significant benefits for R&D.
"Our collaboration with RXi has been most fruitful and demonstrated a clear positive technological synergy that could realize significant value when applied to the emerging field of immuno-oncology.
We are not your typical tech company - Our team at Collaboration.Ai was built by the global "us" - with roots in 4 countries, comprised of 50% women and funded by our own efforts.
This paper aims to explore how this collaboration happens in the Islamic banking context and what are the factors which affect the success of this collaboration.
The following figure indicates the various trends that affect an enterprise's collaboration decision most:
The critical attention to collaboration in writing center theory is integral to our work.
Collaboration with customers and suppliers can provide organizations with valuable perspectives on the supply chain that can result in benefits for all involved.
"It's apparent that more and more organizations are recognizing the dramatic improvement in collaboration and productivity that is facilitated by face-to-face interactions via real-time video communication," says Ben Pinkerton, technical marketing manager at Vidyo.
Collaboration implies letting your guard down and opening yourself to other ideas.
To determine the extent to which external collaboration can benefit supply chain planning efforts, APQC looked at data from its Open Standards Benchmarking in supply chain planning.* Participating organizations provided the extent to which their sales and operations planning processes involve external demand collaboration with customers, and the extent to which these processes involve external supply planning collaboration with suppliers.
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