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Synonyms for collaborate

Synonyms for collaborate

to work together toward a common end


Synonyms for collaborate

work together on a common enterprise of project

cooperate as a traitor

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A review of the literature and practice-based articles indicate that faculty and others have been creative in how they have utilized the Blackboard Collaborate tool.
As demonstrated in this student paper, providing structured opportunities for in-service teachers to meaningfully communicate and collaborate with families can profoundly impact their perspectives and actions.
Anyone with high self-esteem can collaborate in just about any situation.
With AT&T Collaborate, solution providers can better help businesses mobilize their operations, work faster, increase productivity and scale quickly.
CollaboRATE generates data on who to hire, key performance indicators for the onboarding process as well as analytics to identify who within an organization really contributes to hiring top talent.
AT&T would make AT&T Collaborate available to targeted business market segments in the U.
Aligning with this trend, AT&T Collaborate offers easy collaboration for businesses of all sizes.
Collaborate empowers the retailer to easily automate many manual, administrative activities, from deal collection to promotion reporting and reconciliation.
Our integration with EditGrid allows them to collaborate in real-time on spreadsheets while maintaining file compatibility with Excel.
In addition, the two organizations plan to collaborate on the development of common standards for enterprise-wide encryption and key management.
Groups can literally begin to collaborate, delegate, and organize different projects within seconds.
The need to quickly collaborate with suppliers around the world and develop new seasonal offerings and limited edition programs is critical for J D Williams' success.
New Web Application Crosses Company Boundaries, Letting Business People Share and Collaborate on Business Opportunities
com customers can now deploy rich extranets to collaborate with customers and partners
SchemaLogic's business semantics management solution allows organizations to leverage knowledge and expertise from a variety of sources, including subject matter experts, business users and domain experts, to create, collaborate and manage a unified taxonomy.