colic artery

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arteries that supply blood to the colon

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A recent study had reported the celiacomesenteric trunk with a right accessory hepatic artery; and a left colic artery arising from a portion corresponding to the superior mesenteric artery (Katagiri et al.
The right colic artery, right branch of the cranial mesenteric artery, after a short way irrigates the right colon and anastomises with the ileocecocolic artery.
Yet, the caudal mesenteric artery, after arising from the abdominal aorta ventral face, immediately cranial to the external iliac arteries emission, divides into two branches, cranial rectal artery that sends branches to the large intestine terminal portion, and the right colic artery, which in its cranial path through the descending colon wall anastomises with the descending branch of the middle colic artery (Fig.
The superior branch passes upward along the ascending colon to anastomose with the right colic artery.
The Superior mesenteric artery gave rise to inferior pancreatico-duodenal artery as the first branch and the middle colic artery (MCA) as the next branch as usual.
We may emphasize that authors like Michels (1951; 1953a,b) and Rio Branco found one dorsal pancreatic artery and one middle colic artery originating in the celiac trunk, this fact not found by us.
Its branches include the left colic artery, several sigmoidal arteries and the superior rectal artery.
The left colic artery is the first branch of the inferior mesenteric artery.