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acute abdominal pain (especially in infants)

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To help educate caregivers about the new Little Remedies Advanced Colic Relief drops and offer tips about caring for children with tummy issues and colic, Little Remedies has partnered with mother and pediatrician Dr.
Dr Mayur R Joshi, Medical Advisor for Probiotics International Ltd (Protexin): "It has long been postulated that altered gut flora is a contributory factor in the development of infantile colic.
Past studies have claimed the supplement Lactobacillus reuteri improved stomach problems and colic in babies.
He said some studies have identified changes in the colonization that are associated with colic, although these changes have not been shown to be causative, and the specific kinds of bacteria potentially responsible have not been identified.
Colic is a term used to describe infants who cry a lot but who are otherwise healthy and well fed.
Colic (inconsolable crying for at least three hours a day, three days a week) affects about 20 percent of babies between 3 weeks and 3 months of age.
Just two days after he underwent a major leg operation at Fethard Equine Hospital last July, St Nicholas Abbey had to have emergency surgery to be treated for colic.
Although the constant crying is extremely stressful for mothers and the baby's other caretakers, colic rarely lasts beyond 12 weeks of age and is not known to impact the infant's long-term brain development.
Around one in five parents will have to go through an episode of colic with their baby.
Cetinkaya B, Basbakkal Z The effectiveness of aromatherapy massage using lavender oil as a treatment for infantile colic.
reuteri, designed to reduce excessive crying and colic in healthy infants.
On a normal day, most patients seen are male (72%) and common cases recorded include injury (15%), upper respiratory tract infections (common cold, tonsillitis - around 15%), renal colic (3%) and gastroenteritis (2.
Inconsolable crying during the first months of life, commonly caused by infantile colic, is thought to be a pain syndrome in infants.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A study of mothers and their young babies by neurologists showed that mothers who suffer migraine headaches are more than twice as likely to have babies with colic than mothers without a history of migraines.