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Synonyms for cold-shoulder

pay no attention to, disrespect

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Unlike the cold-shoulder, the off-shoulder can be styled with evening wear, being similar in style.
A thigh-slit cold-shoulder dress, for example, doesn't exactly scream 'Glastonbury regular', while furry pool sliders are about as impractical as footwear gets when you're going to be trudging through the great British countryside for days on end.
Meshed with cold-shoulder necklines and cut-out details, these tops have lots of daywearto-date-night potential.
p.7) Bishop Henry had been waging a cold-shoulder campaign against the Calgary Herald by refusing to speak to us so long as journalists from our newsroom were on strike.
Bardot and cold-shoulder necklines are still key, but your colour palette should focus on scarlet, ochre and sunflower yellow - think Beyonce's iconic Lemonade dress and you're on the right track - plus flashes of jet black and bright white.
I'm prepared for the fact that my son may also cold-shoulder us - I'll just have to swallow that.