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Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

a locally circumscribed place characterized by some distinctive features

any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude

an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic

regulate housing in

separate or apportion into sections

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Data requests from applications are processed by our energy gear-shifting mechanism, in which the neural-network prediction technique is utilized to classify data and distribute to the Cold Zone or Hot Zone.
Ample waste storage is provided in the hot zone pre-autoclave and in the cold zone post-autoclave.
To the east, continental Europe's cold zone is set to bring Greece heavy frosts.
This zone consists of pyrometers placed strategically, so as to monitor the temperatures on the surface of the cast film; each hot and cold zone consists of three pyrometers measuring temperature uniformity across the width of the film.
To support the demands of the growing local industry, Pharma Cold Zone will offer a temperature-controlled facility.
Menzies Aviation Bobba, operating a cargo terminal at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, has opened an exclusive Pharma Cold Zone on 20th August 2014 for the handling of pharma products.
There was a warm zone and a cold zone on the Bislett track which meant that everybody had to run in extra clothing.
The "variotherm" tool has a hot zone on one side of the nozzle, and a cold zone on the other side.
The headquarters/security platoon would provide the command group, the security platoon, and the cold zone support group.
technologies in the CCR divisions of Beverage-Air, Russell Refrigeration, Cold Zone, Witt Refrigeration, Tyler Refrigeration, Kramer Refrigeration, Kelvinator and International Cold Storage branded refrigeration equipment lines.
The mass settlement of this vast, resource-rich but inhospitably cold zone means that almost 40m people live and work in cities where the average January temperatures range from minus 15oC to minus 45oC.
Her design included a hot and cold zone for keeping food fresh and a range of healthy foods, impressing the judges, Heather White, Coventry education authority health adviser, and Evening Telegraph food writer Ann Evans.
Beyond that, the Cold Zone is where command and control vehicles are based, with a survivor rest centre and ambulance loading point, all surrounded by an outer cordon.
Some of these were native to either a cold zone in Canada and the northern United States, others to a milder, maritime clime in Europe.