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fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure

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This is because during ball milling a large amount of new surfaces through repeated fracture and cold welding occurs.
To solve the problems of cold welding, screw back-out and screw loosening associated with osteosynthesis plates and intramedullary nailing systems, specific screw heads, thread types, or interlocking devices may be used.
There's a host of contributing mechanisms--electrostatic attraction, surface tension, adhesion forces, cold welding.
These particles then can be compacted carefully with normal dental tools into a tooth cavity where they consolidate through cold welding.
Cold welding on the flanks of the tap (loading) may call for a new tool, a surface treated tap, and/or improved coolant/lubrication.
Cold welding of EN deposits is quite easy to achieve.
The Type II surface coating on plates and screws increases strength, reduces the risk of cold welding between the plate and screws, and avoids tissue adhesion.
Tenders are invited for Work of oil leakages arresting of various transformers installed at unit # 8 & 9 using cold welding technology, On as & when required basis.