cold turkey

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a blunt expression of views

complete and abrupt withdrawal of all addictive drugs or anything else on which you have become dependent

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Back in a moment, but first, to business: Merriam-Webster's 10th Collegiate Dictionary assures me that even a cold turkey has warm blood, as do all avians, so warmblooded can go.
When pressed to come up with a helpful solution in his 1984 book documenting the failed legacy of welfare, Losing Ground, Murray shrank from the challenge: Simply abolish welfare, he said, cold turkey.
The descriptions were horrifying and were compared to the cold turkey symptoms when giving up drugs or alcohol.
Each day, the ship anchors in a cozy cove along the shore where you can go on land for jogging, sight-seeing or to make phone calls--just in case you can't go cold turkey.
Mintel found that the overwhelming majority of adults who successfully quit smoking (74%) said they did so by going cold turkey and just stopping the habit.
The report has been carried out by Pfizer Limited, who have launched a Don't Go Cold Turkey campaign, having discovered that going 'cold turkey' is the most popular method Tynesiders use in their bid to quit smoking.
After 25 years the Lib Dem leader - who came under fire from antismokers for choosing cigs as his luxury item on Desert Island Discs last year - has now gone cold turkey.
The all-weather has been a veritable veterans feast this winter and ten-year-old Cold Turkey added his name to the list with a16th career win.
WHEN I had a two-hour operation I was offered two slices of bread which had curling crusts and, in the middle, one slice of cold turkey.
The judge told teenager Shane Preston that he could go cold turkey and come out clean on his release.
JUNKIE prisoners have received more than pounds 30,000 in compensation after they were forced to go cold turkey in jail.
So telly cold turkey isn't the ordeal I initially feared and while I'm not quite ready to scrap the goggle-box yet, I'm perfectly happy to pull the plug when the ads are the only entertainment going.
TORY MSP Bill Aitken yesterday called for methadone users to go cold turkey and come off drugs all together.
A RECOVERING junkie who took his prescription methadone to his drug addict wife's detox unit - sparking chaos among cold turkey patients - has been freed from jail.
That would mean cold turkey for drug addicts and no more taxis to the chemist for their daily hit.