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in a state of abeyance or postponement

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refrigerated storage for preservation

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The company's unique business model is based on the two-fold agenda of increasing energy efficiencies while driving down costs for cold storage warehouses whose main products include produce, meat, seafood, and dairy.
The gas pipe exploded in a cold storage factory near Badami Bhag an area besides Sabzi Mandi and 83 people fainted due to leakage of toxic ammonia gas while the owner of cold storage escaped from the scene after the incident.
The cold storage market in India is highly fragmented with more than 3500 players in the unorganized sector and around 30 players in the organized sector.
Later in October 2011, an official of Namibia Poultry in an email to National Cold Storage stated that the company was ready for discussions regarding the sale and distribution of Namibia Poultry's frozen products.
The new secretary is Stan Bigford, chief financial officer of Trenton Cold Storage, Trenton, Ontario, Canada; and the new treasurer is Patrick Gorbett, president and ceo of Great Lakes Cold Storage, Solon, Ohio.
The Greater Jakarta area has around 40 cold storage companies.
6 Castle & Cooke Cold Storage (USA) 111,867,380 3,167,731
Strategically located in Sarasota near several major interstates in the largest bulk distribution warehouse in Florida, Meridian Cold Storage is a full service commercial freezer and transport company with more than 70,000 square feet of freezer and 10,000 square feet of cooler capacity.
The cold storage industry has grown tremendously in the last few decades, as the number of dual income households has increased and time for food preparation has decreased.
A 5m [pounds sterling] investment will provide Yearsley Cold Storage and Distribution with an additional 47,000m3 cold storage and chilled unit at the Hollywood head office site in the NorthWest.
The basic purpose of a cold storage door is to retain refrigerated air in a controlled environment and facilitate the smooth transfer of product.
said Monday it will spin off its cold storage division and merge the operations into two of its existing consolidated subsidiaries Oct.
When a vagrant couple accidentally tipped a burning candle into a pile of clothes, they set ablaze a 10-years-vacant cold storage building in Worcester, MA on December 3, 1999.
Scientists and surgeons have generally taken two routes in organ preservatio: continuous hypothermic perfusion and simple cold storage.
Due to the requirement of more cold storage and transport facilities, the leading players are gradually shifting towards emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America.