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a spell of cold weather


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Although this was the first widespread cold spell of the season, the Met Office said it was fairly typical for mid-late November and it's not unusual to see snow to lower levels in the north in late autumn.
The level three alert has prompted health professionals to urge people to take proper care of themselves, with prolonged cold spells said to put particularly the very old, the very young and people with chronic illnesses at risk.
Guava orchid contractors Khalid Memon, Zamir Agani and Manik Sethar told media that due to sudden cold spell the daily production of Guava has gone down and they are facing huge losses.
This cold spell is due to an atmospheric low moving from the Mediterranean towards the northern parts of the Arabian Peninsula and the Arabian Gulf associated with a block of cold air, they said.
HAVING led the world in the peaceful use of nuclear power; the real reason so many of our elderly suffer during each cold spell, is simply because we do not generate sufficient electrical power.
It added that the month-on-month growth shows increased demand across North America as the region continued to witness a late winter cold spell due to which spot gas prices soared.
Guangdong, a subtropical province in China, experienced an unusually persistent and widespread severe cold spell in 2008.
Summary: As the cold spell continues to grip Britain - it is not just humans who are making the most of the snowy weather.
Forecasters say the latest cold spell could continue for up to three weeks.
Chinese travellers and foreign tourists travelling in China have had their plans disrupted by the cold spell that is blighting the country.
The capital Delhi is also affected by the cold spell, with temperatures dipping to 7C and fog disrupting flight schedules.
Summary: Morocco will have to import more cereals and raw sugar as drought and an unusually long cold spell have curbed crop cultivation, the head of the agriculture industry said on Friday.
The big upswing correlates with a really nasty cold spell in much of Europe.
And, although we can look forward to a brief thaw this week, the cold spell is set to bring more snow until mid March
The current cold spell may help but RHS fruit experts suggest that a colder and longer spell of weeks is needed to ensure that growth and flowering development is held back.