cold sore

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caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)

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When used at the first sign of a cold sore, identified by many as the "tingle," Abreva is said to be able to cut healing time and the duration of cold sore symptoms in half.
Cold sores, a common viral infection, are tiny, fluid-filled blisters on and around lips.
With that in mind, we spoke to Dr Petra Simic, clinical director at Bupa Health Clinics, to find out how to look and feel your best during cold sore season.
With that in mind, Dr Petra Simic, clinical director at Bupa Health Clinics, explained how to look your best during cold sore season.
I'd put cold sore cream on the blister when it appeared and wait for it to go away.
Cold sore patches are also available that contain hydrocolloid gel, an effective treatment for skin wounds.
I was pleased with how it stayed in place though and, because it's so clear, I felt less self-conscious about my cold sore than on previous occasions.
The combination of the three technologies found in TriPLEX Formula advanced technology allows this new formulation to provide cold sore appearance-softening benefits.
The company notes that Zim's Advanced Cold Sore kit includes a 2-gram tube of ointment and a 3-gram stick of lip balm to treat and address symptoms.
Most of the time the virus that causes cold sores lies dormant in facial nerves for those who have been exposed to it, but there are prescription medications one can take at the first tingle to prevent a full cold sore outbreak.
If you have any eye irritation along with a cold sore, tell your doctor immediately, as herpes simplex can cause scarring of the cornea and blindness if it spreads to the eye.
Baby Kaiden McCormick fell ill after catching a cold sore virus from Carl Maclaren, 24.
Quadex Labs announces Viroxyn Professional Use, a single-application cold sore product available exclusively through health care professionals.
Most conventional cold sore treatments are only effective at the tingling stage and once the blister has reared its ugly head, it can take up to 10 days for the cold sore to run its course.