cold front

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the front of an advancing mass of colder air


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Asked whether the cold front in Hawaii was unexpected, the spokesperson said: "No, the cold front was always there.
BEIRUT: Fire wiped out more than 300 dunums of orchards and trees in Mount Lebanon and South Lebanon, as a cold front is expected to bring snow at high altitudes.
Cold front forecast to come in today, with temperatures plummeting to -4C overnight Downpatrick Yielding to soft, soft in places.
Once the cold front passes, it will begin to get warmer, but the shamaal winds would continue, though not with so much severity.
month accompanied by a cold front, which is likely to end the absence of rain
We've got a cold front moving across the country, and on Monday there's a chance of some heavy bursts of rain, with temperatures around 18C.
Naked models included a TV weatherman whose viewers got to see considerably more of his cold front than usual.
Summary: ERZURUM(Cihan/TZ) - Many parts of Turkey strongly affected by a Siberian cold front this week saw their coldest night all winter on Tuesday, when temperatures in the eastern province of Erzurum went down to minus 34 degrees Celsius, the lowest in eastern Anatolia.
Clear skies last night, as a result of the cold front heading south across North Wales, provided ideal conditions for glimpsing the one off event.
A spokesman for the Met Office said a cold front over the UK on Wednesday could see a slight delay to the start of the opening of the historic Test.
Statements like, "We caught the heck out of 'em until the cold front went through;" or "High pressure gives walleyes lockjaw;" or "Deepwater patterns tend to be more stable after a cold front.
For instance, fall migration is heaviest under conditions of rising or high pressure and gentle or following (northerly) winds, as often occur following cold front passage.
RTE's weather expert Evelyn Cusack can stick her cold front up her jumper.
A cold front of edgy and acrobatic contemporary dance blew over Brooklyn in the fourth annual Cool New York 2007 Dance Festival this January.
The whole of the UK can expect to see snow and sub-zero temperatures as a cold front coming in from the Arctic hits.