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protective covering consisting of a wooden frame with a glass top in which small plants are protected from the cold

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After some research, I found white was the preferred color for the interior of the cold frame because it allows the sunlight to reflect on the plants the best.
Easy Close cold frames at night to protect plants from frost.
They will continue to develop a strong root system throughout the winter months, the cold frame needing to be covered only during very cold or wet weather.
If they're in a propagator over winter they should be ready to plant by spring but those in a cold frame will normally need until autumn before their roots have grown sufficiently.
Then in the fall, when the early frosts drop in on us, we can turn again to the lowly cold frame to protect those peppers or melons a few more days, or weeks, or maybe even another month.
Cold frames are ideal for rooting cuttings which do not require artificial heat.
Protect strawberries potted for forcing early next year against frost by putting them in a cold frame.
Plunge the pots in sand or leaf mould or stand in a cold frame.
For this reason, the cold frame used to be a garden fixture, even more important than the greenhouse because it was less expensive and, while not heated, still offered a degree of protection for tender plants in winter, and acclimatisation for the youngest in early spring.
IF you garden on heavy soil, plant up a few cloves of garlic in small pots and keep them in the cold frame or a cool greenhouse, ready for planting out later on.
For above-ground crops, a simple cold frame can extend the season a surprisingly long time.
Sow sweet peas in a cool, light room or a sheltered cold frame.
Root them in pots of gritty compost in a cold frame
ENJOY a longer growing season and give protection to plants that need it with a cold frame.