cold feet

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Synonyms for cold feet

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

Words related to cold feet

timidity that prevents the continuation of a course of action

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Thomson, 48, returned to Cold Feet in 2016 when it was revived after a 13-year break - but it was the show's success that first pushed him to drink.
gratitude #clarity #happiness" John's on-screen wife Fay Ripley in Cold Feet, which returned in 2016 after a 13-year break, replied: "Nice one hubby.
th C ldF t " Soon after his wife left him in 2015, the Cold Feet revival gave him a chance to draw on his own experiences.
Cold Feet, starring James Nesbitt, returns on September 8 after it proved a huge hit with 16-34 year olds - despite many of them being just kids when the series first aired from 1997.
Irish author Carmel Harrington has written a new Cold Feet novel in collaboration with Mike Bullen, the creator of the hit TV show, Ireland's national public-service media organisation RTE (Raidio Teilifis Eireann) revealed on Wednesday.
Actor James Nesbitt has been hiding the heartbreak of going through a divorce - just as his Cold Feet character's marriage hits a sticky patch.
THE return of Cold Feet has excited many up and down the country but the Solihull writer of the ITV series may have landed himself in hot water with his neighbouring Brummies - after a character on the show suggested Manchester was the second city
Come on, a grown man introducing Cold Feet with a breathless, "The wait is finally over" was a bit much.
MARTENS, is reported to reveal that cold feet are the biggest bugbear amongst outdoor workers.
LIKELY Lads actor James Bolam has joined the cast of Cold Feet, the smash hit ITV drama, which is making a much-heralded return to our screens.
Best known for: Playing Jenny Gifford in Cold Feet and those Tesco ads.
Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, author of Cold Feet ( Penguin; ` 250), smiles easily and doesn't look her 31 years, especially not when her close- cropped hair is checking the flow of the January breeze.
19 -- The book Cold Feet, by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, is now available for pre-order online at Indiaplaza at an attractive discount of 40% and with free shipping.
Image Mumsy Best Known for Playing Jenny Gifford in Cold Feet and those Tesco ads Early Life Fay Ripley was born on June 28, 1966, in Wimbledon, London.
a new romantic comedy drama being dubbed the new Cold Feet starts on Monday night.