cold feet

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Synonyms for cold feet

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

Words related to cold feet

timidity that prevents the continuation of a course of action

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I'm not sure what the show is, but it's British, and it's called Cold Feet.
Having just bought a flat in west London, she may appear to be on the verge of settling down, although it would be quite a change from her usual life of flying, driving or going by train between London and Manchester for Cold Feet shoots.
Since starring in the original episodes of Cold Feet, North-West born Thomson has found himself in such demand that at one point, he was working on The Fast Show, Cold Feet and the Kay Mellor series Playing The Field.
The star - lovable Pete Gifford in ITV comedy-drama Cold Feet - was still boozing in the early hours yesterday after drinking all Friday afternoon before going on the BBC's live Comic Relief.
And to celebrate, you'll find a FREE 70-minute Cold Feet DVD inside your M Celebs magazine today.
Norris has recently finished filming the fifth (and definitely final) series of Cold Feet, to be transmitted from next February.
A spokesman for the music centre said: "The story is about a king who has very cold feet and he sends children out to try to find him a cure.
An appearance in the Jean Reno comedy Roseanna's Grave and her Bafta-nominated role in Cold Feet led to a string of other parts, including I Saw You - a new series of which begins early next year - and Morwenna Banks's movie The Announcement.
ITV had just commissioned another series of Cold Feet so I phoned up and said I wouldn't do another series unless I got a ticket.
He insists it is just coincidence that two of the stars of Coupling have a history of group shows - Jack Davenport who plays Steve Bellman was in This Life and Ben Miles who plays Patrick was in Wonderful You and the forthcoming new series of Cold Feet.
uk and then click on the store finder link, where you'll also find loads of great offers on DVDs and videos, including Cold Feet with prices starting at pounds 13.
Cold Feet, which attracts a regular nine million audience for each episode, will undoubtedly be a hit with the fans despite the inevitably unhappy ending.
RELATIONSHIP DILEMMAS: More comedy drama with the thirtysomethings of Cold Feet (ITV, 9.
THE stars of TV's Cold Feet are pulling the plug on the popular drama, it emerged last night.
JAMES Nesbitt has revealed he still wears clothes he bought from the set of hit show Cold Feet because he doesn't like going shopping.