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sliced assorted cold meats

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The contract is for the supply of red meat, cold cuts of red meat and animal fats.
NEW VENTURE Annette Marshall has opened Cold Cuts Delicatessen in Bedlington Station after being made redundant seven months ago
Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, Cold Cuts Media, a technology company, is focused on iPhone and iPod Touch applications that emphasize convenience and ease of use by delivering real, practical solutions.
The new cold cuts packaging is based on Stora Enso's new Primeforma board, developed for thermoformed food packaging, which can be used on existing packaging lines which were previously used for plastic packaging.
If you have a magnifying glass handy, you'll find the same words on most Healthy Choice cold cuts and Celebrity Healthy Hams.
So we won the Cold War only to declare war on cold cuts.
The marble inlays of the geometric floor decorations were replaced by slices of cold cuts of various kinds--just another crude allusion (as were the tattooed skins of flayed pigs) to the digestive processes that end, of course, in excretion.
They ordered in hot meals, while the people they were supposed to be looking after had to make do with cold cuts and packet soup.
Cold cuts and cured meats served with crispbread, flatbread and bread loaves sweetened with molasses.
Potato knish (camp made) - add to cold cuts sandwiches, hamburgers, or hot dogs
Cold cuts are also making a debut in soy and wheat-based disguises.
Domestic production accounts for the largest part of demand for cold cuts and meat products whereas the sectors external commerce is relatively limited.
Contract notice: Meat and cold cuts for nursing home and home meal.
Cheeses and cold cuts were flown all the way from France to compliment the fruity flavor of the wine.
German Cold Cuts International, 6019 Topanga Canyon Blvd.