cold comfort

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very limited consolation or empathy

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Today The Journal relaunches its Cold Comfort campaign - to cut the number of winter deaths in the region.
But that is cold comfort to ministers as they face more Parliamentary hurdles to force the legislation through.
A POINT apiece for Derby and Manchester City at freezing Pride Park will provide cold comfort for two struggling sides, both of whom will feel they should have won.
Customers fleeced by British Gas's soaring prices will take cold comfort from the PS5million-a-year boss forgoing a bonus when he was paid more in the last 12 months than most people will earn in a lifetime.
That will be cold comfort to those who still haven't forgotten the horrors of last winter but with an eye on the long range forecast, we can feel at least better prepared for whatever the winter throws at us.
That is cold comfort for the seven patients who have come down with the bug in St John's Hospital in Livingston.
I'm taking cold comfort from the fact that Tommy Hay is now behind bars.
But that is cold comfort to more than 500 people who lost jobs here on Merseyside.
Sir Richard said, 'For many British Airways passengers stranded by the recent industrial action, BA's 'goodwill' offer of pounds 80 to fly with them again will come as cold comfort.
The Taoiseach's declaration will provide cold comfort to struggling homeowners desperate to keep their heads above water.
But that's cold comfort when long-term care insurance premiums can approach that amount for a couple in one month.
On Wednesday January 9, the group will head to Malvern Hills for a more energetic 12-mile hike but the next day sees a gentle five-mile stroll towards Cold Comfort Farm and Milcote.
In a modern version of Cold Comfort Farm, Flo is attracted to a sexy farmer's son, but finds rural existence is not the idyll she imagined.
DONNA Clemens and her two boys had a touch of flu and went to find cold comfort from the local chemist.
But Unite said that was cold comfort for staff in Coventry.