cold cash

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money in the form of cash that is readily available

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NASHVILLE -- A suburban Nashville couple got more than they expected in their to-go order in a McDonald's drive-thru: A bag of cold cash.
Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-Based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs is written for business people and investors interested in making a profit from climate change trends, and is a fine survey analyzing the business effects of world-wide changes.
And, for all his talk of statehood and destiny, he knows the result of this vote, like most votes, will depend on the cold cash in our pockets.
Chinas voracious appetite for commodities has revived the growth engine in Latin America for years, turning Brazilian iron ore and Chilean copper into cold cash.
It is a sad proud Libra who only has cold cash to cling to in the lonely winter nights.
Last July in this space, the headline read: The East is Green, with a Big Stash of Cold Cash for Hot Deals Abroad.
After the polite conversation, the retired intelligence chief asked him about the pending heavy vehicle contract and blatantly made it clear that there was Rs 50 crore for him in cold cash if the Rs 400 crore deal was awarded to an East European manufacturer instead of Indo-Russian joint venture.
The unregulated nature of this multibillion-pound industry is a disgrace and requires a speedy overhaul before the cost of vanity is counted in lost lives and not cold cash.
Surely the recipe is an asset that would be worth cold cash to another ice cream maker.
25 in cold cash, in a deal expected to close "in the next few weeks," the company said.
Given the right environment, bees will work hard to add to your bottom line with increased yields--and if you treat them right, they'll pay you rent in the form of sweet, delicious, healthful honey and wax, which you can easily convert to cold cash.
THE sub-zero temperatures have failed to deter this fundraiser as he sleeps under a blanket of snow to turn the big freeze into cold cash.
COLD CASH Homeserve reported another half-year of strong growth and expects to benefit from the current cold snap, as it receives more calls to repair broken boilers and burst pipes.
Debrahlee Lorenzana said that despite her turnout being professional, her male bosses and co-workers still found her too hot be around their cold cash.
If the government and MPs work together to do things for its private sector, you would see happier employees and more productivity rather than just heartless cold cash gained by sucking the life out of employees.