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Whereas crocuses are best naturalised in low grass, colchicums look particularly good in much rougher grass, this compensating for the nakedness of the leafless flowers as well as providing support for the blooms during poor weather.
On the other hand, colchicums with bare legs – their popular name is naked ladies – look shockingly nude.
Just now, as I walked up the steps on to our terrace I spotted the first few white buds of our colchicums.
Perhaps it's because I've always gardened in the North but colchicums always seem to do poorly.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Colchicum When all else in the garden is looking a bit dishevelled, the autumn crocus pops up to give us a much needed splash of colour.
Roman slaves desperate for a few days off used colchicums with its antidoteThrive, a charity for horticultural therapy, holds a database of UK garden projects
On the other hand, colchicums with bare legs - their popular name ASK CAROL QWHAT is the difference between species tulips and hybrids?
Don't confuse this delicious crocus with colchicums, often called autumn crocus or naked ladies.
3 Plant madonna lilies, colchicums, crocus and narcissus as soon as they arrive in garden centres.
Plant autumn-flowering bulbs including Nerine bowdenii and colchicums.
PIPPA SAYS: These flowers that look like massive crocuses are in fact colchicums, also known as naked ladies as they have no leaves when in flower
Though needing near-perfect drainage, the impact is stunning if grown with autumn flowering soft pink Colchicums.