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a pass between mountain peaks

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COL's fledgling fund distribution business, COL Fund Source, also gained traction in the first half, ending the six-month period with more than 22,000 clients and total value of assets under administration of P1.
3 we are missing approximately 27 lines between col.
After receiving notification from the pilot that he was feeling sick, the MOC (Capt Shawn South) began witnessing erratic behavior and conversation from Col Henry.
Col 3: Percentage of pupils achieving level 4 in English.
30, 2006, COL had a liquidity position of $994 million, consisting of $144 million of cash and full availability under its $850 million domestic credit facility, which is intended as a backstop for the company's $850 million commercial paper (CP) program.
To make room for the Chinese shares, the index weights of other emerging markets, including the Philippines, will be reduced, triggering a sell-off,' COL said.
He has the right background to take care of the problems and issues you have at Plant 42,'' said Col.
Additional support for the ratings is derived from COL's high and growing operating margins and strong cash generation, which has allowed COL to maintain a strong balance sheet and a solid liquidity position, despite increased share repurchases, discretionary pension contributions and the acquisition of TELDIX in April 2005.
Leading online stock brokerage COL Financial reported a banner year despite a tough stock market environment in 2016, with net profit rising by a quarter to a record P328 million while revenue and market share also hit unprecedented levels.
On 19 Nov 04, Lt Col Smith was flying a Functional Check Flight (FCF) sortie in the U-2S at Beale AFB, Calif.
based Entergy said it also will simultaneously develop a COL application to potentially build and operate a second ESBWR, this one adjacent to the utility's River Bend nuclear power plant near St.
Wgfscwac7-1-6-704, Alt-K Col-I -2 Nos, Col-Ii -3Nos, Col.
The MoU was signed by the visiting President of COL Prof.
Lt Col Fenton was number two of a four-ship of F-15C Eagles on a combat training mission off the East Coast of Virginia.