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a pass between mountain peaks

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Red Mountain's reputation for producing superb red varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot led us to choose this site for our Col Solare winery," said Baseler.
With only approximately 7% of revenues from regional jet activity and COL's ability to shift workers and assets among platforms according to demand, COL should be able to more than offset declining regional jet business from Bombardier with additional business generated by production increases in business jets and large commercial aircraft.
Two incoming SDDC commanders unable to attend the course included: Col.
3 -- ran in AV edition only) Lancaster Vice Mayor Henry Hearns, left, and Col.
In the past four fiscal years, COL repurchased shares totaling $1.
As one of MTMC's two forward deployed major subordinate commands, we at the 598th have been very busy performing all our functions to support the warfighters," said Col.
In addition to the distribution arrangement, the partnership will continue to produce the luxury red wine Col Solare in Washington State and consider additional ventures in the future.
It's fast and quiet and tracks very well in the snow," said 172nd Commander Col.
Additional support for the ratings is derived from COL's high and growing operating margins and strong cash generation, which has allowed COL to maintain a strong balance sheet and a solid liquidity position, despite increased share repurchases, discretionary pension contributions and the acquisition of TELDIX in April 2005.
Middle Berth Complet Elscn/Eog61021 Col I Alt Nil 20Nos 6.
The Project Manager and Product Manager (PM) of the Year Awards were presented to Col.
Other new MTMC commanders attending the orientation included: Col.
based Entergy said it also will simultaneously develop a COL application to potentially build and operate a second ESBWR, this one adjacent to the utility's River Bend nuclear power plant near St.
As enthusiasm goes, it is hard to beat that of Col.