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carbon fuel produced by distillation of coal

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Coca Cola is a trademarked cola


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street names for cocaine

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Delayed coking is the main method of deep processing of residual oil.
In a marketing report prepared by Wood Mackenzie, the international consultancy said Ovoot coal could be described as 'A strongly caking, hard coking coal with superior blend carrying capacity,' and that hard coking coal would be an appropriate price benchmark.
The coking heat treatment has to provide a specific coke structure because a highly graphitized coke has low reactivity and specific heat power (Dumitrescu et.
We link the growth of prices for coke to a rise in coking coal prices and current coke shortfalls as the needs of steelmakers grow.
A derivative of metallurgical coking coal, Coke plays a very significant role in metallurgical process.
Another advantage is that delayed coking offers a potential means of converting a variety of materials to valuable motor fuels, often while eliminating a low-value or unmarketable refinery stream, or eliminating a stream that not only is environmentally unfriendly, but also involves a disposal cost (Christman, 1999).
The Commission says said prices of coking coal have risen dramatically, from $79 per tonne two years ago to $350 per tonne in the first quarter of 2004.
The strength of the US dollar has made a number of North American coking-coal producers uncompetitive on the global market, and energy demand in the region has been so strong that coking coal is being used to fire power plants.
At the end of the coking cycle, the coke is pushed from the oven into an open car and quenched with water.
The MoU was signed with Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC (ETT), the Mongolian Government entity that owns the giant Tavan Tolgoi mine, one of the worlds largest untapped coking and thermal coal deposits.
The board of Gujarat NRE Coking Coal has advised company shareholders to reject Jindal Steel and Power's all cash A$221.
The European Commission has warned China that unless it lifts restrictions on Chinese exports of coking coal, the European Union will launch a challenge at the World Trade Organisation.
As a consequence, the coking capacity of the developed countries is declining and, even with the downturn in iron production, there is the prospect of a growing shortage of metallurgical coke.
If a fraction of the coke could be replaced by fuels of lower rank without sacrificing metal quality, the economics of cupola iron could be improved, coking coals could be conserved and coke shortages could be avoided.