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Acute right-sided ovarian pain of a stinging nature may also be seen here and this is often aggravated by coition. There may be bearing-down pain or a feeling of weight or heaviness in the right ovarian region.
Further, he draws attention to the fact that in the GA, Aristotle also 'says generally that the moisture secreted in coition is local only and is not seed'.
49) and "in the present case, the metaphorizing of murder as coition deconstructs coition no less than murder, leaving the audience with an unnamable monster." (p.
Horatio Robinson Storer, the leader of the abortion criminalization campaign, argued that "[i]ntentionally to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy, otherwise than by total abstinence from coition, intentionally to bring it, when begun, to a premature close, are alike disastrous to a woman's mental, moral, and physical well-being." HORATIO ROBINSON STORER, WHY NOT?
The first coition came after the expulsion from paradise (Gen.
The bounty of wildflower colors and perfumes that magnetize bumble-bees and butterflies to pollinate their plants elate us, too, although no utilitarian function is served in our case for either party, since we don't eat or propagate them, except that indirectly--bypassing Darwin--we employ bouquets for courtship and requesting coition, an odd connection, since they, the flowers, don't smell like sex.
In here, they exhibit their skills in hip movement as well as acting out motions of coition (Campbell 1983:225).
And in an instant he was in to her, covering her in the blind, frightened frenzy of a boy's first coition....
Thus, though the female plays a fundamentally active role in procreation, she submits to the coition, which invades her individuality and introduces an alien element through penetration and internal fertilization ...
In his book, The Philosophy of Marriage, in its Social, Moral And Physical Relations, Ryan (1837) was concerned to separate conception from sexual passion; he recommended that "complaisance, tranquility, silence, and secrecy are necessary for a prolific coition" (p.
The text's embedded romances conflate coition and narrative climax after the male narrative paradigm, because each ends in loss or death shortly after desire is consummated.
(33) The definition of "post" as "an act of coition" (and, relatedly, "to ride a post" as "to copulate") comes from Farmer and Henley.
Once 'natural' coition has been reached, the film is essentially over.
William Harvey restates the standard theory concisely, if only to refute and offer a vitalist alternative to it: "All Physitians, following Galen, teach, that out of the Seed of Male and Female mingled in Coition, according to the predominant power of this, or that, the Child resembles either this, or that Parent, and is also either Male or Female." (19) Such notions inform Behn's poem only at a distance, but I mention them to suggest that theories of conception brought atomist terminology into the domain of erotic fantasy.