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Metrorrhagia and pain during coition may also indicate a need for Hydrastis.
Further, he draws attention to the fact that in the GA, Aristotle also 'says generally that the moisture secreted in coition is local only and is not seed'.
49) and "in the present case, the metaphorizing of murder as coition deconstructs coition no less than murder, leaving the audience with an unnamable monster.
Horatio Robinson Storer, the leader of the abortion criminalization campaign, argued that "[i]ntentionally to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy, otherwise than by total abstinence from coition, intentionally to bring it, when begun, to a premature close, are alike disastrous to a woman's mental, moral, and physical well-being.
The first coition came after the expulsion from paradise (Gen.
The bounty of wildflower colors and perfumes that magnetize bumble-bees and butterflies to pollinate their plants elate us, too, although no utilitarian function is served in our case for either party, since we don't eat or propagate them, except that indirectly--bypassing Darwin--we employ bouquets for courtship and requesting coition, an odd connection, since they, the flowers, don't smell like sex.
In here, they exhibit their skills in hip movement as well as acting out motions of coition (Campbell 1983:225).
And in an instant he was in to her, covering her in the blind, frightened frenzy of a boy's first coition.
Thus, though the female plays a fundamentally active role in procreation, she submits to the coition, which invades her individuality and introduces an alien element through penetration and internal fertilization .
also possible) 6 fruit [cake] 7 brassiere 8 poontang (putain) 9 cheesecake 10 arm candy 11 condom (cunnus, dum) 12 copulate 13 clap (clapoir) 14 whore 15 gonorrhea 16 screw 17 kinky 18 pheronome 19 closet queen 20 gerontophilia 21 masher 22 ecdysiast 23 pornography 24 masturbation 25 coition
In a long chapter that has only two footnotes, one is to Harold Bloom's The invention of the Human, quoting Bloom's bald assertion that for Isabella, "every act of coition is 'a kind of incest'" (81).
They abhor milk and anything made thereof, and all food which is the product of coition.
5) The brief moments that elapse for both the male "client" and the reader of the sonnet contrast with the remembered duration of unsatisfied desire, "those long throes of longing" that preceded the brief intense moments of coition, the subject of the sonnet octet and the textual focus of the octet's reader who stands above the sonnet as the male client above his prostitute.
The text's embedded romances conflate coition and narrative climax after the male narrative paradigm, because each ends in loss or death shortly after desire is consummated.
Once 'natural' coition has been reached, the film is essentially over.