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of or relating to coitus or copulation


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Eisenberg also pointed out that the positive association between cannabis use and coital frequency was not dependent on other factors, including the use of other drugs like cocaine and alcohol.
In the present study, screening was done in 104 women with symptoms like vaginal discharge, post coital bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding and persistent leucorrhoea.
8,9) Se ha sugerido que realizar estrategias como la educacion sexual, facilitar la obtencion del condon y un ambiente amigable para el uso disminuyen la cantidad de embarazos no deseados y las ITS; (9) en este mismo sentido, se deben generar estrategias que contrarresten creencias existentes acerca del uso del condon, las cuales estan relacionadas con la disminucion del disfrute del acto coital, la aparicion de llagas en el pene y laceraciones en la zona genital de las mujeres, (10) consecuencias que pueden ocurrir por el uso incorrecto del condon, situacion muy comun particularmente entre los adolescentes y adultos jovenes.
Pelvic-muscle exercises, continence pessaries and behavioural therapy have all been shown to improve sexual function among women with SUI, with a reduction in coital incontinence.
The literature on age at first sexual intercourse is extensive but recent and factors that determine contraceptive use of female [2-7, 15, 16], but no research existed that examined differentials in factors of contraceptive use between females whose first coital activity was < 16 years and 16+ years old.
They point out that the highest adherence to the gel regimen--and the highest level of effectiveness--was achieved among women with the lowest coital frequency, suggesting that the gel may have the "potential to alter the course of the HIV epidemic in southern Africa" by protecting women who have "infrequent but very high-risk sex with migrant men.
Coital death: Coital death has often been attributed to various causes such as cardiac disease or intracerebral haemorrhage.
Outcomes: The primary outcome was coital frequency and ejaculatory latency times.
The "average coital frequency of married women of reproductive age is between four and five times per month for China as compared to around seven or more times per month for European societies," Lavely writes, citing government surveys.
This study highlights how a systematic program of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in adolescents (male and female) before their coital debut could reduce the rate of preterm birth by eliminating the need for women to undergo excisional treatment for cervical dysplasia.
Although male students begin coital contacts earlier than females (p<0.
As a part of a more comprehensive and integral program focused on the sexual pattern of ethnic groups from Venezuela, the coital positions (CPs) used by two indigenous ethnic groups settled in the Venezuelan border with Colombia and Brazil are compared.
Men who reported a coital frequency of 30 or more times per month during the past three months tested positive for penile HPV in significantly higher proportions than those who had not had sex at all (52% vs.
The women were not sexually active and were willing to forego coital function.