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take out coinsurance

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You are generally not asked to coinsure or to have a deductible on your accounts.
In many nonmarket situations, altruism plays an important role both in motivating the structure of the nonmarket arrangement - who insures whom - and in influencing the results of that arrangement.(1) This paper examines coinsurance arrangements between altruistically linked agents and highlights the role of altruism in creating the incentive to coinsure and the benefits from coinsurance.
We develop a model in which spouses purchase insurance from a competitive market, then agree to coinsure one another in the event of an accident to one.
Sales of level-premium term policies have soared in recent years, and Stroup said level-premium term is still the product that most direct writers seek to coinsure with reinsurers.
Now that the settlements are still high, they are offering one-year contracts, less broad coverage, requests for policyholders to coinsure and higher rates to policyholders.
There are gains from diversification, because each line coinsures the others.