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We develop a model in which spouses purchase insurance from a competitive market, then agree to coinsure one another in the event of an accident to one.
As part of the potential affiliation, NGL would provide Commercial Travelers with $5 million in capital in the form of surplus notes, and intends to coinsure a portion of the company's accident and health business, which would strengthen Commercial Travelers' balance sheet and reduce its risk profile.
Now that the settlements are still high, they are offering one-year contracts, less broad coverage, requests for policyholders to coinsure and higher rates to policyholders.
Protective Life Corporation ("Protective") (NYSE: PL) today announced that its principal subsidiary, Protective Life Insurance Company ("Protective Life"), has agreed to enter into a coinsurance agreement with Liberty Life Insurance Company ("Liberty Life") under the terms of which Protective Life will coinsure substantially all of the life and health business of Liberty Life.
These actions follow the announcement of a modified coinsurance agreement with Chase Insurance Life and Annuity Company (CILAC) (Elgin, IL), in which AFLIAC will coinsure approximately $3.
This rating action follows ING's recent announcement that it intends to coinsure its U.
Under this agreement, we expect to coinsure at least $500 million of certain fixed and equity-indexed annuities, annually.
There are gains from diversification, because each line coinsures the others.
While the group has achieved further diversification through its partnership in which it coinsures Medicare supplement products, A.
Zurich is a member of the Berne Union (BU) - an international union of credit and investment insurers - and often coinsures and reinsures with fellow BU members that are export credit agencies and multilateral institutions.