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insurance issued jointly by two or more underwriters

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The data include information about specialty MH and medical financial requirements (copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles), enrollees, employer characteristics (e.
We estimated that waiving coinsurance would be cost-effective if screening rates increased from 60.
Diane's insurer receives a 20% rebate, but her coinsurance of $612 is calculated based on the medicine's list price, meaning she pays over $100 more than if her coinsurance was based on the insurer's negotiated price.
For those who need to make periodic trips to the pharmacies to top up their allotted doses, the coinsurance payouts can add up to quite a total.
50 cost of collecting and processing the coinsurance would exceed the coinsurance liability.
The coinsurance deal will move the reinsurance responsibilities of Primerica Life Insurance.
Further, this coinsurance agreement represented most of the company's remaining reinsurance activities with Primerica Inc after its initial public offering (IPO) and ultimate separation from Citigroup.
Given Medicare's outsized influence in the health care system, it's likely only a matter of time before other insurers begin to rely more heavily on coinsurance as well.
For example, a real estate team negotiated the removal of a 100% coinsurance clause from a property program before a major hurricane.
Coinsurance, Risk Contamination, and Optimal Conglomeration with Bankruptcy Costs", Working Paper.
In order to encourage insureds to insure a reasonably high percentage of their property's value, the coverage form provides the incentive of the coverage extensions to insureds who choose at least an 80 percent coinsurance percentage.
The insured has to select a coinsurance percentage and an amount of insurance adequate to comply with coinsurance.
The basic BI coverage forms, similar to other standard commercial property forms, have a coinsurance requirement.
18875), Gautam Gowrisankaran, Aviv Nevo, and Robert Town investigate the extent to which hospital bargaining and patient coinsurance restrain prices of medical services.
However, using the deductible versus coinsurance choice as a motivating example, we find that both risk premiums and changes in loss adjustment costs are economically insignificant across a broad range of shallow-loss policies, crops, and counties, relative to differences in the expected value of claims payments.