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happening at the same time


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Poor Kelly Brook (who has coincidentally just been dumped by her toyboy and needs to look desirable) and Glee's Matthew Morrison (who has coincidentally been battling completely untrue US gossip that he's gay) got caught by the paparazzi too.
Primakov, not coincidentally, presided over the KGB's Arab terrorist network in the late 1980s.
It's been 20 years since the first poll was conducted in 1984, which, not coincidentally, was the year the festival launched Perspective Canada, its prototypical Canadian programming stream that would have a profound effect on the careers of a huge number of Canadian filmmakers in general and the Toronto new wave in particular.
To get the most out of it, Sony says, you'll need a Vaio laptop (also, coincidentally, made by Sony) running Windows ME, XP or 2000.
Its new mission is apparently to protect us (and, coincidentally, its budget) from Americans who question its policy.
Peter, having stewed in bitter juices for several years, clandestinely engineers a public scandal involving Alan's coincidentally unburied book.
Coincidentally, just the night before, Officer Golden had attended a 4-hour department training session covering life-saving techniques.
Cleveland, OH], where, not coincidentally, they make nitrogen inflation systems.
Coincidentally, days after Yale announced its decision, the school also reported that it had received a record number of Early Decision applications this year.
The Xbox is really Redmond's entrance into the set-top box market, and if the product is successful, we can expect to see more powerful systems in the future, and game compatibility with future Windows PCs is likely (nVidia, which makes the graphics chip used in the Xbox is, not coincidentally, one of the largest manufacturers of chips for PC graphics accelerators).
Coincidentally, the public-address system blared the theme song from Friends: "I'll be there for you .
Because there are so many interspecies differences--some on an anatomical level, others on cellular and molecular levels--results on other species apply to humans only coincidentally.
Greenspan was a primary source for the book (although not on the record) and, not coincidentally, wound up receiving much of the credit from Woodward for devising the Clinton economic program.
Coincidentally, Penton will launch a magazine, exhibition and Web site for the European wireless Internet/mobile commerce marketplace.
The scheme, not coincidentally, comes after the Fund was lambasted in the U.