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Synonyms for coincident

Synonyms for coincident

existing or occurring at the same moment

occurring or existing with

Synonyms for coincident

matching point for point

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The leading index for each state predicts the six-month growth rate of the states coincident index.
Key Words: Asymmetry, Molar relationship, Canine relationship, Dental midlines, Non coincident.
Components of the coincident composite index in October (m-o-m) retail sales (0.
The leading and coincident economic indexes are composite averages of several individual leading or coincident indicators.
Based on the Northwest Indiana Coincident Index, the economy in Northwest Indiana grew 1.
BEIRUT: Figures released by the Central Bank of Lebanon show that the coincident indicator -- a composite monitor of economic activity developed to observe Lebanon's macroeconomic performance -- reached an average of 259.
Video technology company Coincident announced on Thursday the launch of Coincident Studio, a design-and-development services division focusing on digital video experiences.
The index of coincident indicators came in better than an average market forecast of a 0.
Yet coincident indicators peak and bottom with cyclical turning points in the economy.
What must be fully appreciated, however, is that by November 2006, the Coincident Indicator had recovered much of its value and stood at 180.
Among the four coincident indicators-where The Conference Board tracks important consumer related developments-both the final household consumption index and the retail sales index increased.
To round out the picture, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia regularly Calculates and publishes coincident economic indexes for each state, incorporating data from several sources (nonfarm employment, the unemployment rate, average hours worked in manufacturing, and wages and salaries).
A reading of the coincident index below 50% is considered a sign of economic contraction while a figure above that is viewed as a sign of expansion.
The coincident index, designed to measure the current state of the economy, stood at 12.
Two sister indexes, the coincident and lagging indexes, were mixed.