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Synonyms for coinage

coins collectively

a newly invented word or phrase

the act of inventing a word or phrase

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2]') could be lexicalizations from action nouns or 'non-epidigmatic' coinages that do not correlate with the same-word action noun reading.
The problem with low- form coinages is that one can't resist using them as they draw quick chuckles.
In fact, the coinages of Muslim Egypt (and of the Syrian areas controlled by dynasties based in Egypt) are the subject of one of the deepest historiographies in Islamic numismatics.
They discuss such topics as understanding the earliest coinages, the heroic image and the portrait coinages of Lykian dynasts, dating on coins as a Phoenician invention, the iconography of succession under the late Seleucids, and the emergence of the Greco-Baktrian and Indo-Greek kingdoms.
This paper will analyze how word derivations and coinages in Nigeria generate meaning.
It''s also his most joyful banquet of language, groaning with rhymes, bizarre syntax, grotesque coinages and parody.
This was done, in part, to avoid having to deal with definitions, which would not only have immensely bloated the article but which are also, in my opinion, generally superfluous in the case of logological coinages.
Most of these coinages, such as footer for football, fresher for freshman, and brekker for breakfast, are unfamiliar in North American English, if they have survived at all.
They've added their own analysis of some of Tolkien's later coinages, adaptations, and borrowings, ranging from ent and attercop to confusticate and eleventy-one.
The suffix was highly productive in the period not only in new coinages of native origin but also in Scandinavian and French hybrids.
Specific comparisons concretely confirm that Della Porta inhabited two linguistically separate worlds, one theoretical and philosophical, compact of Latin and erudite coinages, the other a milieu of laboratory and crafts generating idiomatic terms in different vernaculars.
Six papers cover the denominations of the coinages, King David and King Charles II on the coins, old and new takes, the possible roles of the Earl of Ormond and French engineer Peter Blondeau in the production of the coins, coinage in the English colonies of North America to 1660, and Newby and his St.
The rise and consolidation of paradigmatic relations in the deverbal lexion can be more fully traced by considering the first attestations of these coinages and their parent verbs.
Contemporaries, obviously, were fascinated by Bude's technical information about Roman coinage and its value, relative to other ancient coinages but also to that of Renaissance France.
Yes, and like all good coinages, it's close enough to the parent phrase to come across quickly to the reader.