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a collector and student of money (and coins in particular)

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It will also deprive the Americans of any economic leverage they have on the Palestinians and gain the attention of coin collectors all over the world.
The coin collectors also believe that as a result of the inflation there would be a time when none of the coins would be in use.
However, my advice to the new coin collector is to be careful.
Coin Camp discusses the metals coins are made of and provides info on becoming a coin collector.
I asked to join the Mint at 18 straight from school because I was a coin collector and now with my career coming to an end it is a very nice thing to happen.
The result blends the expertise of over 15 die-variety specialists from around the country and represents a major revision that shouldn't be missed by any avid coin collector.
Chapters cover his successes and failures, moving novices gently through the world of the coin collector and providing good-sized color photos of the key coins in his collection--some one hundred of them.
Richard was a long time member of the Pascoag Community Baptist Church and an avid coin collector.
Passionate coin collector Moataz Mohamed Osman, the operational director of Sharjah Expo Centre, has embraced his hobby of collecting Emirati coins and stamps for over 24 years and has finally decided to share his passion along with the UAE's currency history in his latest book aACAyEmirates Currencies History.
Dated 12 August 1960, the letter was discovered inside a book bought at a car boot sale in Liverpool by a coin collector.
A former University of Oregon parking meter coin collector was sentenced Thursday to 18 months on probation and ordered to repay $2,000 to the state.
David Harris, 59, of Chadsmoor, Can-nock, Staffordshire, was sentenced for his role as a courier in collecting the moulds and delivering them to a coin collector, Patrick Deane.
Barnes said the mailing was typical of her husband, Bill, an avid envelope, stamp and coin collector.
Norsigian was also a car enthusiast and an avid coin collector.
The coin collector said Benny "thought it was his birthday", his teeth piercing two pristine 1937 white fivers from the Liverpool branch of the Bank of England.