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a collector and student of money (and coins in particular)

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Sharjah: While many coin collectors enjoy searching for ancient and rare coins, they are usually unaware of the background and detailed history behind them.
As everybody uses cards today, there would be no need of coins in the coming future," said Sudhakar Vaidya, coin collector.
It sold for pounds 120 to a coin collector from Cheshire after a flurry of bids.
"There are two things that any new coin collector should be careful about: fake coins and overpricing.
As a coin collector throughout my childhood, I noticed at age 21 (1965) that LBJ's administration had started to debase our U.S.
Coin Camp discusses the metals coins are made of and provides info on becoming a coin collector.
I named the site "Electronic Coin Collector's Survival Guide," and soon afterward I received a three-page letter sent via Federal Express demanding that I change the site's name.
The sixth updated edition of Cherrypickers' Guide represents a vastly expanded, updated 25th-anniversary volume of a classic coin collector's reference, and shows how to locate and value half, large and small cents, two- and three-cent pieces, and nickels.
Chapters cover his successes and failures, moving novices gently through the world of the coin collector and providing good-sized color photos of the key coins in his collection--some one hundred of them.
15, 2014.Richard was a long time member of the Pascoag Community Baptist Church and an avid coin collector.In addition to his wife Sandra, he is survived by two sons, Michael D.
Dated 12 August 1960, the letter was discovered inside a book bought at a car boot sale in Liverpool by a coin collector.
The London Mint Office, a private coin collector company that is nothing to do with the Royal Mint, offered consumers pounds 50 each for the coins.
A former University of Oregon parking meter coin collector was sentenced Thursday to 18 months on probation and ordered to repay $2,000 to the state.