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the part of a slot machine that serves as a receptacle for the coins

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Mr H C Jones, Liverpool area telephone manager, shows three GPO operators at an exhibition how to use one of the new coin boxes.
In 2012, the coin boxes raised hundreds of thousands of dollars which was donated to local food banks, local military family support organizations, youth development and K-12 education, and programs promoting cancer awareness.
Pink ribbons will also be available in coin boxes throughout the area.
Running through the first week in September, coin boxes and informational fliers will be placed in all Clinton Savings Bank branches, where the public can make donations.
Police are investigating after three coin boxes were stolen from kiosks on Smailes Lane, Hightfield, Springfield Cottages, Rowlands Gill and Glossop Street, High Spen.
The masked villains ran at two cash-in-transit officers taking two coin boxes to the Co-op store on Bader Avenue, Thornaby at about 8am on April 6.
Often, these chaps wore long brown macs or greatcoats; a few shook little coin boxes and smiled at the sky.
Citizens from all corners of the nation chimed in with well-meaning suggestions ranging from having vending machine operators empty their coin boxes more often to breaking open children's piggy banks.
The Detroit newspapers will still print daily editions (the News does not print on Sunday), but on non-delivery days they will be available only at newsstands, stores and coin boxes.
Ten coin boxes containing the new subscriber trunk dialling system were erected.
The 35 truckloads fanning out this month are in addition to the chain's long-standing support of year-round anti-hunger initiatives along with its customers, in programs that include purchasing pre-assembled food bags containing items food banks need most, donating non-perishable foods in collection barrels in stores, and dropping spare change into specially-marked coin boxes at check stands.
George's has raised more than $3,000 through special events like roast beef dinners and chili lunches, a designated offering on Worldwide Communion Sunday and distributing coin boxes during Advent.
TORONTO -- The Beer Store, Ontario's monopoly beer retailer, will no longer allow Mothers Against Drunk Driving to place its coin boxes and red ribbons in its outlets.
And police are also suggesting they ask the suppliers to fit devices to prevent illegal access to the coin boxes.
that will provide customers with access to iTeam's full line of cost-recovery solutions, including print management offerings, cash card systems, coin boxes, card readers, photo identification tools, and library cards.