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a flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin


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Each coin blank is rimmed on the circumference of the blank.
The total minimum quantities of the full platelets for the outer rings in mirror and stamp gloss finish for the 10-euro coin blanks must be delivered evenly to the embossing sites in berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and hamburg.
the euro coin blanks must be manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications for the first range of euro coins and blanks (issue 17 or latest version) and, the common basic inspection plan (issue 9 or latest version) for the first range of euro coin blanks and tools (issue 4 or latest version).
The bench-top machine is one of the most advanced of its type on the market and uses computer-aided measurement to determine the hardnesses of a variety of coin blanks.
Known primarily as major fabricators and distributors of industrial and investment gold bars and coin blanks, their clients include international gold mining companies, the jewelry industry, government Mints, Central and Commercial Banks and wholesale distributors.
Jarden Zinc produces coin blanks for currency in the U.
The pounds 30 million contract to produce euro coin blanks for Germany was the single biggest order won by the Birmingham Mint and it has taken 14 months to produce more than 4,000 tonnes of the coins.
Contract notice: Supply of coin blanks for the production of bulgarian circulation coins in 2 lots.
The Mint, which employs 980 workers, has already received orders for coin blanks from five of the eleven countries planning to issue euro coins in 2002.
The Contractor shall manufacture and supply Bulgarian coins of all denominations, emissions Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) on the basis of a written request from the contracting authority under the "Technical specification of Bulgarian coins" by simply using coin blanks design and moneti- "model" provided by the contractor.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of 3100 Million Pieces (23901 Metric Tonne) 10/- Bi-Metallic Composite Coin Blanks For India Government Mints.
Contract award notice: manufacture and supply of coin blanks in proof finish.
Contract notice: Manufacture and supply of 5 euro cents coin blanks.
Contract notice: Manufacture and supply of 5-euro coin blanks from 2 copper-nickel alloys.
Tenders are invited for Global Invitation For Submission Of Expression Of Interest For Automatic Feeding Of Coin Blanks To Coining Presses