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a flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin


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CALGARY -- - The Westaim Corporation announced today that it is taking one-time, non-cash charges in the range of $35 to $40 million, including a $12-million write-down of the company's coin blank manufacturing division's net assets and a $23-million write-down of underutilized production equipment and related assets for its coating products.
In addition, Westaim is the largest non-European supplier of plated coin blanks for the Euro coins, which will enter circulation in 2002.
Clark, commented, "We are pleased to continue our multi-year relationship with the Royal Canadian Mint as a supplier of one-cent coin blanks.
Contract award: manufacture and supply of gold coin blanks for the 20-eur-coins.
Subject of the contract is delivery of tempered, rendelovani and paired ready for punching binary coin blanks from a copper-nickel-zinc alloy outer ring (gold) and copper-nickel alloy of the inner circle (silver) for coins of 1 nominal value BGN called for a shorter here, Blanks according to Appendix ?
The bench-top machine is one of the most advanced of its type on the market and uses computer-aided measurement to determine the hardnesses of a variety of coin blanks.
The Materials Based group consists of manufacturing operations in injection molded plastics and industrial plastics and is the country's largest producer of zinc strip and fabricated products, including coin blanks for U.
Known primarily as major fabricators and distributors of industrial and investment gold bars and coin blanks, their clients include international gold mining companies, the jewelry industry, government Mints, Central and Commercial Banks and wholesale distributors.
For almost 2000 years coins were completely struck by hand until the Renaissance when both; preparation of coin blanks and striking of coins were supported by machinery.
It is the largest independent mint in the world and designs and produces coins, coin blanks, commemorative coins and medals and tokens.
The South African Mint fought off heavy international competition to clinch a contract to supply low-denomination euro currency coin blanks to several European countries.
Manufacture and supply of 130 550 000 5-euro cent coin tiles plus an option amount up to 300 million coin blanks
The company is best known for its Ball, Kerr and Bernardin brands of home canning products, and for supplying one cent coin blanks to the U.
Offered by participants coin blanks Lot "B" must meet the requirements and characteristics set out in Annex ?
Alltrista Zinc Products Company is the country's largest producer of zinc strip and fabricated products for automotive, construction and industrial applications, and supplies coin blanks for the U.