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in the shape of a coil

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There were 40 patients who had MAPCA coiling before total correction and n=4 patients had MAPCA coiling after total correction.
As well as Low Ovality Coiling Technology, machine features include; integrated coil unload arm, powered guide to restrain pipe end and automatic pipe layering system.
Off-line coiling separates the production of finished coils from the extrusion process meaning less downtime, lower waste and lower labour costs per coil.
Unlike throwing, which is limited to the production of symmetrical forms, coiling makes possible the production of varieties of shapes.
Finished coil diameter is the principal factor that limits the pipe diameter for coiling to product availability.
COILING is a relatively new technique, developed to avoid cutting into a patient's skull.
Recognizing the growing need for a high-speed, economical process to make catheter casings, biopsy coils, and similar long, small diameter, round wire coils for the medical device industry, this version of the Micro-Coiler deflection coiling machines, the Micro Continuous Coiler, is offered.
The addition of this technology complements our family of endovascular coiling products and provides the physicians the opportunity for a more thorough treatment in the endovascular occlusion of aneurysms," said Mike Kleine, president and CEO of MicroVention.
In the last 15 years, however, coiling with BPCs resulted in higher short-term risks and lower long-term durability for large or giant aneurysms with wide necks and those with intraluminal thrombi.
Clipping and coiling "each have strengths and weaknesses that can be used to decide what is best for each patient," he says.
A new drum coiling and curing system for PEX pipe is said to reduce labor cost dramatically and raise production rate.