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La jeune senegalaise, plus de la trentaine, est installee dans le salon de coiffure de son amie, Jamila.
Children also receive the special treatment when the family visits Panache Coiffure and Panache Kids
Summary: The trendsetters of Beirut's coiffure culture are found not among the elite clubs or high-end shops in Downtown, but throwing back Almazas in the pub-lined alleyways of Hamra.
Mr Clattenburg, with his immaculately tailored shorts and cultivated coiffure, loves the attention he receives.
Following his graduation from the Federation Nationale de la Coiffure Francaise, Monsieur Benharroche opened his first salon in San Francisco's Jackson Square district, one of the city's oldest and most artistic commercial neighborhoods.
The coiffure conscious are expected to line the streets when - for one day only - a Leamington salon cuts the cost of a pounds 35 hair-do to just 1p.
Aline and her husband established Coiffure Continental, a hair salon on Highland Street in Worcester.
The above picture shows two of these pickets, the one on the left being American-born and typically American in dress and coiffure, while the woman on the right is typical of the older generation, from her Chinese slippers and earrings, to the way she has her hair fixed.
Artificial Reality, Joico's new spring 2006 collection, combines the aggressive attitude of very short hair with the soft, romantic look of long locks in a single multi-dimensional coiffure.
To the strains of saccharine strings, the camera pans down his portly body to reveal that he is being serviced by a young woman with an extravagant bird's-nest coiffure.
In many of the photographs it is clear Diana followed the example of Alexandra, down to the choice of costume, coiffure, and background.
Ranged along each perimeter balcony are tubs of luxuriant bamboo, forming a shaggy green corona around the building, like some unruly organic coiffure.
Father-and-daughter team Sam Ennon, 60, and Samantha Ennon, 37, co-owners of Belmont, California-based Coiffure Marketing Group, approached their friends and family to help get them started.
In the title role, Catherine Malfitano's Southern speech was caricatured, as was her posturing, including a constant primping of her coiffure a la Mac West.