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De meme les coiffeurs specialises dans la vente des cheveux restent fermes.
Ici, par exemple, qu'apres un certain age, la sexualite ne serait plus de mise ; mais aussi, qu'il y aurait entre Arabes et Juifs quelque difference irreconciliable ; et meme, que les coiffeurs seraient tous homosexuels (opinion fermement ancree chez le pere de Zohan).
During Greek and Roman times, women's headwear included headdresses made of metal and ribbons intertwined in elaborate coiffeurs.
Down there it's not all swanky hair salons, prancing coiffeurs and expensive haircuts.
Here we get to see whether he really does come from a Welsh line of frilly shirts, bat-wing sleeves and bouffant coiffeurs as he traces his family ancestry.
If James had been sporting his dreadlocks, wet-look Superman or bleached crop barnets of old, coiffeurs will argue for years over their curling tongs whether the result could have been different.
Thornton quickly went from the weighing room's Brian May to the weighing room's Kojak when the coiffeurs got hold of him at Chipping Norton's Westcote Inn for a haircut that raised pounds 1,750 for the Injured Jockeys' Fund.
But the 1950s coiffeurs notwithstanding, this isn't an epoch when people have much lime to powder their noses and check each other out.
Above all, Owens seemed intrigued by the shots of isolated tokens of masculinity (gold pens, cigarette lighters) and of male models sporting three-piece suits and opulent Dry Look coiffeurs.
There were obvious hair pieces and outrageous eyelashes, and hair was cut at obtuse angles, courtesy of London's most experimental coiffeurs, Leonard and Vidal Sassoon.
The film stars who seek his expertise have not come to Edgbaston from Hollywood, where celebrity coiffeurs are 10 a penny.
On a recent visit to Lady Cheryl's Coiffeurs, Frazier practiced doing a breast exam on a prosthetic breast made of nylon and filled with sand.
Le gouvernement a meme mis en place des rendez-vous phares, tels que le forum Destination Canada, pour appater les etrangers avec des offres d'emploi pour les developpeurs, les mecaniciens, coiffeurs, serveurs, chefs cuisiniers, responsables marketing, educateurs, ebenistes, dans la haute technologie, la sante ou l'hotellerie.
beaucoup moins que] A l'epoque, les coiffeurs se deplacaient par leurs propres moyens pour participer aux concours internationaux mixtes [beaucoup plus grand que], se souvient-il.