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Synonyms for coif

a skullcap worn by nuns under a veil or by soldiers under a hood of mail or formerly by British sergeants-at-law

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cover with a coif

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arrange attractively

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"That breaks down into pounds 23m from the COIF, and pounds 28m from co-investors.
with honors, 1979, Order of the Coif, Oklahoma Law Review editor-in-chief); OU (B.A.
talc, oilcan, licit, laic, italic, ionic, inflict, icon, focal, floc, flacon, fiction, falcon, faction, fact, colt, cola, coin, coil, coif, coati, coat, coal, clot, clan, cation, canto, cant, calf, atonic, antic, action, FICTIONAL Wordsquare: B.
Chen Shuang, CEO of CEL said, "CEL is in the process of establishing its China Everbright Overseas Infrastructure Fund ("COIF") which eyes on global infrastructure opportunities, and the acquisition of the Tirana International Airport signs the first move.
"I'm introducing the cartoon version of me in my new game app," Perry wrote to introduce her very colorful digital offering; showing her avatar with a green full-banged coif.
Hair salons Toni & Guy, Nicky Clarke will continue to coif the heads of customers A host of additional brands are scheduled to open early in the New Year.
from the Emory University School of Law with honors and was selected to the Order of the Coif. She was also a member of the Emory Law Journal.
It comprises magnetic particles coated with specific antibody and is intended for the concentration of Escherichia coif 045 from food, animal feed, beverages, pharmaceutical or environmental samples.
The Seminar was co-sponsored by the Embassy of Pakistan and the China Overseas Investment Federation (COIF).
The company added Backus was elected to the University of Texas School of Law's Order of the Coif honorary scholastic society.
The dark patterning on the fabric is hair--the stuff that we fussily coif when it's still attached to us and pick off disgustedly when it's not.
New York, Apr 9 ( ANI ): January Jones, who plays Betty Francis in 'Mad Men', dyed her signature champagne coif a shocking deep brown for Sunday night's season premiere.
Aside from his singular rote on the NBC, sitcom, O'Hurley's rich baritone voice and trademark silver coif make him instantly recognizable--if not a household name.
Evans joined Skadden Arps upon his graduation with High Honors from George Washington School of Law, where he was elected to Order of the Coif and served as Editor-in-Chief of the George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics.