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fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes

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The concept of COHO combines the suburban vibe of exclusive villages and the convenience and advantage of a condominium that is close to key locations and establishments.
COHO caters primarily to the end-user market and aims to elevate the lifestyle of young professionals and starting families.
Johnson uses Megabass Griffons when cohos arrive upriver.
Among the 'experienced' operators, one operator (COHO) had previously placed over 100 ART restorations (not as part of the present study).
SILVER SALMON, OR COHO (Onchorbyncbus kisutch), are a medium-size salmon, one of five Pacific species that have.
They can't see paying 1,000 yen a kilo for the Alaskan salmon when they can get Chilean coho for 900.
Ranked by color and taste, Alaskan reds, or sockeyes, top the list, followed by silver salmon (cohos), kings, pinks, and chum salmon.
AT MY FISH CAMP, THE KING SALMON pass, and then the sockeyes and cohos. Huge pods of beluga whales trail the runs, their rising backs like a sea of whitecaps.
Because Japan boasts a per capita seafood consumption of over 130 pounds per year--one of the world's highest, says Luis Enrique Ruiz Mandiola, sales manager at Pesquera Mares Australes, the industry has been oriented toward Japan, with most companies producing cohos, which are smaller, silvery salmon with bright red flesh, which the Japanese prefer for raw dishes.
Just inside the building, a school of 150 salmon, cast in fiberglass from real cohos, "swims" overhead.
Then fish biologists made a startling discovery: Wild cohos, which spend one or two years in fresh water before they migrate to sea, spend' their first full winter holed up in beaver ponds, sloughs, small streams, and riparian wetlands along the broad river bottoms.
some Cohos and a scattering of the other species, are filled by hand by deft,
The introduction of Condo Homes (COHOs) by Camella, the flagship brand of the Villar-led Vista Land and Lifescapes, has started to reshape the landscape as it offers not only affordable mid-rise residential condominium units in key locations across the country, but also a curated and distinct lifestyle experience.
The state hatchery that opened in Altmar in 1980 has abundantly produced the kings or Chinooks, cohos, steelhead and brown trout that have changed the magnitude of fishing in our region, attracting anglers from around the world.
Record high catches were logged in seven of the last 11 seasons, and last year contributed to the market glut with yet another record, a phenomenal 192 million pinks, reds, cohos, chums and kings.