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fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes

small salmon of northern Pacific coasts and the Great Lakes

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To evaluate any evidence of cetacean foraging behavior on the coho salmon run in Esker Creek, presence of foraging buzzes (click trains containing a terminal buzz with ICI between 1 and 2 ms) was assessed for both beluga and harbor porpoise in the same three periods: pre-, peak-, and post-salmon run.
Hatchery fish also dominate adult returns and contribute 34-50% of fall Chinook salmon to more than 80% of spring and summer Chinook and coho salmon returns to the Columbia River (NRC, 1996; ISAB (1)).
The Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN) is a grassroots organization that restores riparian habitat for critically endangered Coho salmon.
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that 2009's Columbia River Coho salmon run, numbering some 700,000 fish, was the biggest since 2001.
Now Krkosek reports that infested fish engage in risky behaviors, making them more likely to become dinner for the coho salmon smolts, a primary predator of the pink and chum juveniles.
Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch), like most salmonids, need cool water for rearing, and they typically reside in a stream for a minimum of one year after hatching.
In Chile, infestation with Diphyllobothrium plerocercoids has also been detected in coho salmon living in the wild, a nonindigenous species raised originally in aquaculture that escaped from pens (19).
INFO: Northwest Style Bruce Gore Smoked Wild Coho Salmon, $63 for two 1-lb.
Keen completed a MSc at UBC also in RMES under the supervision of Ken Hall in 2002, which examined the environmental effects of an endocrine disrupting contaminant (4-nonylphenol) on coho salmon.
Presenting accurate information about the life cycle of the wild Pacific salmon in the format of a beautifully illustrated picturebook, young readers age 4 to 8 will enjoy author Annette LeBox's eloquent and enthusiastically recommended story of Sumi, a coho salmon from her birth and trip down river to the ocean, to her time as a fully mature fish swimming in the great seas, to her determined return up river to her birthplace where she can spawn.
July 2004 (Frozen and Fresh Products Only) Imports Variety of Salmon KG Value Fresh Atlantic Fillets Farmed 52,206,976 $262,187,222 Fresh Atlantic Wild Fillets 164,852 $860,702 Frozen Atlantic Fillets 15,276,327 $83,370,593 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Farmed 30,763,860 $138,931,859 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Wild 189,977 $479,518 Fresh Atlantic Danube Salmon 2,273,832 $9,921,542 Fresh Chinook Salmon Farmed 2,681,874 $11,553,035 Fresh Chinook Salmon Wild 533,553 $4,732,636 Frozen Chinook Salmon 587,100 $2,416,807 Fresh Chum Salmon 215,475 $512,605 Frozen Chum Salmon 609,314 $983,891 Fresh Coho Salmon, Farmed 45,203 $192,859 Fresh Coho Salmon, Wild 12,822 $57,952 Frozen Coho Salmon 83,970 $368,988 Misc.
This effort began six years ago, when SPAWN discovered water levels dropping in important nursery habitat, leaving coho salmon and steelhead trout juveniles dying in the evaporating pools in the Lagunitas Watershed in Marin.
Anglers have a daily bag limit of two salmon, except Coho salmon, which is prohibited.
crisis and reaches a final conclusion that pits the coho salmon (Oncorhyncus kisutch) against the Lost River sucker (Deltistes luxutus)
In the spring of 2001, alfalfa, hay, and potato farmers marched through the streets of Klamath Falls, Oregon, and illegally opened dam gates to protest a federal decision cutting their irrigation water to guarantee protection for endangered suckerfish and coho salmon runs.