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fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes

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And the scientific facts are, says biologist Fred Fleck, that we had a much higher than average Coho run, in spite of the state sponsored slaughter.
Presently, Coho DataStream product line is set up in the huge enterprise private cloud environments and will be generally available later this year.
Ocean fishing for chinook and all other salmon species except coho runs from mid-March through the end of September south of Cape Falcon.
First, anglers will - for only the second time since 1992 - be allowed to harvest unmarked (wild) fish when the coho season reopens for up to 12 days in September.
It's a great place to land a boat and even a greater place to look for coho as they rest in the soft current.
Today they are surveying logging roads in Elliott State Forest, identifying badly placed or damaged culverts that might block coho salmon from reaching the river's headwaters.
Bringing more than 24 years of investment experience to Coho Partners, Mr.
Selective coho season opens July 2 through the earlier of Aug.
The ratings on Coho reflect its position as a small independent exploration and production company with a relatively low-risk business strategy and a good operating cost structure, offset by a very aggressive financial profile.
The government's decision, originally due in October 1994, is headed for a court battle with environmentalists and fishing groups who say the coastal coho runs of central and northern Oregon also are on the brink of extinction.
These pond and tributary habitats, however, had never been recognized for their contribution to coho productivity.
The mine described in NDM's current water rights application will destroy and damage Sockeye and Coho habitat and may cause contaminated water to flow from the South Fork Koktuli Watershed into the Upper Talarik Creek Watershed.
For the first time since 1992, anglers this summer will have an opportunity to catch and keep coho salmon along the Oregon coast regardless of whether of not the fish is "marked" by a clipped fin.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard & Poor's today affirmed its single-'B'-plus corporate credit rating and its single-'B'-minus subordinated debt rating of Coho Energy Inc.