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Synonyms for cohesiveness

the state of cohering or sticking together

the property of being cohesive and sticky

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One of the key factors in the development of a group is cohesiveness (Griffin & Pennscott, 1991).
Cohesiveness and the Management of the Knowledge Revolution
Its main objective was to examine the interactive effects of two work-group characteristics, group cohesiveness and work-group absence culture salience.
Though elements of these two characteristics may be observed in connection with group processes involving constructs such as conformity, perhaps they are captured most succinctly by the concept of group cohesiveness.
Carey also explores the effect of term limits on party cohesiveness and the governing party's ability to implement its program.
Group cohesiveness can be used to provide support for today's higher education students, especially in light of the dramatic changes in the composition of students in higher education that have occurred recently (Fairfield, 1977; Gardner, 1972; Gilley & Hawkes, 1989; Hughes, 1983; Trow, 1988).
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyam Aurangzeb said the Prime Minister would announce the cultural and film policy on February 26 to ensure systematic and integrated mainstreaming of cultural and ethnic cohesiveness.
The scientists evaluated the textural characteristics of all of the experimental caprine cheeses for hardness, adhesiveness, resilience, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess and chewiness using a commercial texture analyzer.
HYDERABAD -- Cultural harmony is the best tool to promote peace and harmony through exchanges of culture and art work and art can play a vital role in promoting the values of equality, harmony, justice and peace while young people can play potential effective role in creating an environment of cohesiveness within society.
Among the factors regarding social influence, presence of the other persons, group cohesiveness, and susceptibility to influence were three primary group-level antecedents of impulsive purchasing behavior.
HH the Crown Prince stressed the role of the teacher in instilling the Islamic and Kuwaiti values into students, as well as promoting cohesiveness and unity in the homeland.
Keywords: Peloids, Mud Therapy, Instrumental Texture, Hardness, Cohesiveness, Adhesiveness
cohesiveness of the population and society," Information Minister Sheikh
No doubt the associational test will itself be tested because it hinges on present-day understandings of cohesiveness and communal acts.