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Synonyms for cohesion

the close physical union of two objects

Synonyms for cohesion

the state of cohering or sticking together

(botany) the process in some plants of parts growing together that are usually separate (such as petals)

(physics) the intermolecular force that holds together the molecules in a solid or liquid

References in classic literature ?
Pent in their vast and festering charnel-house, all organization and cohesion lost, they could do naught but die.
the business transaction management (BTM) software company, has released Cohesions 1.
Michel de Peyrot, president of Dolphin, stated, "We have been working with Cohesion for the past three years, reselling Cohesion's Chip Designer to front end our Smash Verilog/VHDL simulator for Mixed Signal design.
Cohesion Board Designer and Cohesion System Designer are powerful front-end software tools for high-end PCB and complete electronic systems design respectively, featuring a database-driven, hierarchical design environment.
Cohesion System Designer is a database driven, hierarchical design tool for designing complete electronic systems consisting of ICs and boards.