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in a coherent manner


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'It will work towards continued empowerment and enhancement of the Indian community coherently with the Federal Constitution, in raising their socio-economic standing and promoting unity and cohesion in the nation,' he said.
If our faith makes it into the Times at all, it's most likely to celebrate those who call it into question or to outright reject any attempt to speak of it coherently and movingly.
Ang has categorically said that the 1,200 megawatt Ilijan plant must be turned over to them coherently and without impediments at the lapse of its build-operate transfer (BOT) contract with government in 2022.
Police said that there was no presence of alcohol in his system, but because he could not respond coherently to police questioning, he is also being tested for drugs.
Pakistan was a country coherently diverse and blessed with multiple identities but unfortunately, we could not transform this positive aspect of our society into pluralism due to short sighted policies that were imposed over the years by different regimes.
He explains the complexities of a sometimes challenging tradition as clearly and coherently as he can, but will not dumb it down.
The spa has a contemporary style with the white theme coherently following throughout the property.
In part 2, he summarizes the disintegration of natural law in the modern period but argues that the values cherished by modern thinkers (and by most people today) such as freedom, dignity, and human rights cannot be coherently explained or defended without reference to the natural law.
He urged the Pakistani community to work coherently for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.
As for March 14, the minister concluded that while this bloc lacks a coherently unified will, its constituents tend to confront comrades within with a fait accompli.
Summary: Never in my adult life have I ever experienced in the Middle East and the Western world anything like the prevailing disjunction today between the ISIS threat that preoccupies all publics and governments, and the apparent inability of political systems to deal with it coherently.
I hope all parties will reaffirm their commitment to the Minsk Protocol, and will act coherently in order to implement it fully in all its parts," she added.
The method entails launching laser radiation into the atmosphere, then coherently detecting the signal back-scattered by aerosol particles.
A defene military release said that the training has now advanced to a joint tactical exercise, wherein, the battle drills of the two armies are coherently executed.