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in a coherent manner


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The Computervision software packages are being tailored to work coherently with Applied's existing business systems, helping the company get new products to market faster, reduce overall costs, and improve the effectiveness of the order-to-shipping process.
I think there's a good structure (from OMB) to keep us moving coherently in the appropriate direction, but each of the agencies has the flexibility to do what makes sense for them and apply the tactics that are going to get them the services they need, when they need them," said McManus.
RTE has redefined its Communication Plan 2014, after having been approved at the highest level of the company, must now find its translation express his transfer to assert its identity and deploy its catch words coherently around a strategy to strong consistency.
She urged the Security Council to "to speak coherently with one voice", adding that "urgent, effective measures in a collective and decisive manner must be taken to protect Syrians.
are manifestations of wider philosophical problems, according to the author, but many of the works that sought to address the importance of philosophy for architects in earlier decades merely borrowed philosophical jargon without systematically and coherently treating the philosophical ideas.
Voters will never listen to the Government unless it speaks coherently instead of prominent figures playing their own games.
He adds: "She related this story to me clearly, coherently, and without any sign of a dementing process or psychiatric condition which might influence her state of mind.
The Pope emphasized: "The defence of life--from conception to natural end--wherever it is threatened, offended, or trampled underfoot, is the primary duty of an authentic ethic of responsibility, and this may be coherently extended to all other forms of poverty, injustice, and exclusion.
Cinematic hypertext is a fourth paradigm of hypertext that frames the problem of maintaining coherence as one of representing and communicating discourse form in ways inspired by the mechanisms underpinning cinematographic languages for expressing coherently narrative relations.
Coherently and accessible written in language ideal for the non-specialist general reader, Better Than Ever is highly recommended reading, and an invaluable addition to community library "Human Sexuality" reference collections.
The combination of vast, live-action elements and CGI extensions looks far more natural than in ``Troy,'' and the flow of fighting is coherently presented, unlike in ``Alexander.
Drawing on an array of archival materials, Mancini coherently portrays these networks of interaction, comprising a host of individual actors--museum officials, magazine editors, art educators, critics, dealers, gallerists, and publishers.
But it is difficult to present these three essentially independent stories coherently, and it is to the creditof director Andrew Gallacher, the feistiness of Michael Irwin's English libretto, and to the strength of the four main roles, that this was achieved so convincingly.
Filled with inspiring objects coherently displayed in spacious galleries, the new Danish Design Centre is an accessible, exemplary model for such buildings.
Homing in on 275 stars that have less than one-thirtieth the concentration of iron found in the sun--an indication that they formed long ago--the team discovered that a dozen move coherently, in two streams.