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Synonyms for coherency

the state of cohering or sticking together

logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts

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Using the PCI Express standard to transport the CCIX coherency protocol eases the implementation of CCIX in processors and accelerators.
Coherency presents a moderately negative correlation with the number of transmitted ideas (r = -0.
The significance of the dendrite coherency point and the maximum packing point can be observed easily as can the effect of microstructure.
NetLogic Microsystems is raising the bar with its third-generation multi-core processor by enabling an impressive 128 nxCPUs over the ICI interface while maintaining full cache and memory coherency.
Features like cache mirroring and cache coherency have been available in RAID controllers for mainframes and high-end Unix systems for some time; however, a new generation of RAID controllers that include these features and priced for NT servers is beginning to hit the market.
The excellent ensemble cast, headed by Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange, also succeeds against stiff odds, finding soulfulness and coherency in some of Shakespeare's most repugnant and psychologically splintered rogues.
patents and certain foreign counterparts, covering technologies used in a wide variety of industries including audio/video enhancement & synchronization, broadcast data retrieval, computer memory cache coherency, credit card fraud protection, database management, data encryption & product activation, digital media transmission (DMT[R]), digital video production, dynamic manufacturing modeling, enhanced Internet navigation, image resolution enhancement, interactive data sharing, interactive television, laptop docking station connectivity, microprocessor enhancement, multi-dimensional bar codes, network data storage, resource scheduling, rotational video imaging, spreadsheet automation, user activated Internet advertising and web conferencing & collaboration software.
Breaks between segments - during which several performers tugged their earlobes to elicit more applause - further disrupt the show's coherency.