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share living quarters

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Same-sex cohabiters reported poorer health than heterosexual married couples of similar socioeconomic status, which takes into account levels of education, income and insurance coverage.
This is done by comparing cohabiters and marrieds, and also by examining the way the previously divorced (and previous cohabiters) organise their income once they are remarried (or repartnered).
As the data allow us to distinguish between different partners, we can observe partner changes and identify cohabiters who go on to marry.
And if things do not work out then the cohabiters do not have the same legal rights or safeguards as a husband and wife.
Friedman provides cogent analyses of the major doctrinal and institutional changes that have reshaped public and private law in America since 1900, including the rise and fall of substantive due process, the triumph of strict products liability, the end of federal common law, and even the extension of legal rights to cohabiters.
Those persons who stalked men tended to be strangers or acquaintances, rather than intimates, such as former spouses, former boy or girlfriends, or former cohabiters.
He asked: How many cohabiters have been divorced already before cohabiting?
Wives may be more inclined to provide both spousal pressure and spousal support for market work than cohabiters, who have less of a stake in their partner's career.
Simply stated, Egan and Nesbit were held to be in the same general non-spousal category as brothers, sisters and any other combination of cohabiters who similarly do not "publicly represent themselves as husband and wife," per the definition of 'spouse' in the Act.
Researchers Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Wendy Manning, Peggy Giordano and Monica Longmore studied data on 792 daters and cohabiters ages 17 to 24, also known as "emerging adults.
The Purr-fect Pet Category--This roomie makes their four-legged cohabiters feel right at home by being a best roommate--and friend--to their pet.
Churches appeal to all age groups ( singles, cohabiters and married couples alike ( reflecting the wide diversity of the type of conversion undertaken, from cutting-edge urban living to a family home.
About three quarters of resident fathers were married to their biological children's mothers, while 27% were cohabiters (not married but living with the biological child's mother).
The cohabiters expressed extremely egalitarian attitudes when asked general questions about society but equality is absent when they discuss their own relationships.
The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is composed of the nation's top 1,600 attorneys who are experts in the specialized field of matrimonial law, including divorce, prenuptial agreements, legal separation, annulment, custody, property valuations, support and the rights of unmarried cohabiters.