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Unlike their younger counterparts (see sidebar, "Forty Percent of Cohabiters Will Marry"), older partners often have no plans to get married.
About 3,330 men and women are identified as same-sex cohabiters in the study.
Likewise, household events such as marriage and childbirth generally occur around a particular age: while singlehood may mean different conditions at different ages; and cohabiters, as they increase in age, become more committed to each other.
Thus heterosexual marriage is privileged, and cohabiters judged immoral, particularly if they are poor, and even more so if they are poor women of color, who have been especially vulnerable to coercion and the withdrawal of necessary funds and services for themselves and their children.
It is commonly believed among cohabiters that mechanism opens doors of opportunities for proper adjustments among intending couples for quality marital relationship and stability of their dream.
New Egypt needs new cohabiters not autocratic, corrupt minister/minders.
On balance they've been a delightful addition to life in that office environment, their only none-too-subtle demand on the building's cohabiters being that their offspring must stay safe and unthreatened.
Finally, she noted that if the authorities chose to recognise same-sex partnerships and rights of cohabiters, "this step would not endanger either the traditional concept of marriage or the traditional form of family, nor will it alter their fundamental characteristics".
Married individuals, cohabiters, and cohabiters who marry: A longitudinal study of relational and individual well-being.
An unmarried cohabiting couple also provides children with two parents, but statistics indicate that half of cohabiters break up in five years, while only 15 percent of married couples separate during this period (USA Today 2005).
Then the participants declared the Association of Journalists Supporting Issues of Aids Cohabiters for allocating social support for supporting these people.
However, they do not find a difference between the United States and Sweden in the likelihood of cohabiters keeping money separate even given the countries' differing legal and normative contexts.
While the violence that occurs in the relationships of college-aged men and women, cohabiters, or married couples may not be of the same nature as that which occurs in adolescent dating, it has been suggested that abuse in high school dating relationships can establish a pattern of violence that may carry over into later relationships, affect marriage, and have lifelong consequences (Roscoe & Callahan, 1985; Roscoe & Kelsey, 1986; Halpern, Oslak, Young, Martin, & Kupper, 2001), including various eating disorders (Thompson, Wonderlich, Crosby, & Mitchell, 2001).
encourage unmarried cohabiters to marry because they cannot hope to
Roommates may be incorrectly classified as cohabiters, and individuals who have substantially older partners or cohabiting partners who maintain a separate legal address may be incorrectly classified as noncohabiters.