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What's more, the idea is not necessarily to give cohabitees the same rights as married couples, but to give them some protection.
It is possible for some cohabitees to claim from the estate of a deceased person in respect of both capital and income, depending on contributions made towards assets and dependence at the time of death.
So if one of the cohabitees dies leaving everything to the surviving partner and their assets exceed the tax free allowance of pounds 325,000 there will be inheritance tax to pay.
Obviously under these rules, cohabitees face virtual exclusion inheriting anything from the person they were living with.
The Scottish Law Commission wants the right to sue extended to the deceased's surviving brothers and sisters and same-sex cohabitees.
THIS spring there's going to be a consultation for a change to the law relating to cohabitees.
Mr Hopkins said: "Our family team includes members with extensive experience in all areas of matrimonial, cohabitee and civil partnership disputes, including forensic examination of family and related business interests in ancillary relief matters, in which we are regularly instructed in high-value cases.
Contrary to popular belief, a "common law spouse or partner", as a cohabitee may be known, has no legal standing under the intestacy rules that apply when a person dies without a will.
A separating cohabitee will find his/her claims much more limited.
This can be contrasted with the case of Simon, whose explicit arguments at trial and re-trial that he was a 'good' parent (and therefore had not killed the child) were based on the relatively modest claims that he was a 'fond stepfather', had never lost his temper with or been violent to the child and had performed some (but not all or most) of the child-care responsibilities, particularly when his cohabitee had suffered post-natal depression after the birth.
Christopher James No5 Chambers 'Well regarded in cohabitee disputes and financial provision cases involving businesses.
Individuals in clusters A4 and B4, in contrast, have high rates of single-event CSA, and above average rates of multiple event CSA, CSA involving intercourse with father, stepfather or mother's cohabitee as perpetrator.
In the fall of 1855, M'Neil's long time cohabitee deserted her, and her behavior became increasingly erratic; in fact, her friends persuaded her to allow her middle child to go to relatives in the country in order to get at least one of her children away from her.
Again these may be provided to a cohabitee upon a "nomination" under the scheme being made to the managers or trustees of the scheme.
A cohabitee would have to show that they had contributed to the mortgage or invested a substantial sum in the fabric of a property in order to claim a share of it.