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the act of living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being married)

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and Arland Thornton (1992) "The relationship between cohabitation and divorce: selectivity or casual influence?
This makes Bulgaria only the third country in Europe, alongside Russia and Moldova, to fail to recognise cohabitation as a legal equivalent to marriage.
Readers will learn about the emergence of the dating system in the early twentieth century and its demise toward the century's end; the reasons behind the escalating rates of cohabitation after 1970 and the extent to which cohabitation has become an alternate to marriage; the growing disconnect between marriage and childbearing; and the emergence and transformation of family-centered traditions.
Due to the limited data on cohabitation, children could only be classified as having been born to: (1) a marriage; (2) a cohabitation that resulted in a marriage (pre-marital cohabitation); or, (3) outside of marriage.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Cohabitation is more prevalent than marriage among very young couples in the United States -- those in which at least one partner is 18 to 20 years of age.
While couples in the United States typically cohabit for only a short spell and often do so as a prelude to marriage or following a divorce (Forste 2002), cohabitation is a much more socially acceptable and enduring relationship in Denmark.
3) Because extension of marriage-like structures to homosexuals tends to go hand in hand with creation of marriage-like obligations between heterosexual unmarried intimate cohabitants, it is best to consider wider issues concerning cohabitation in thinking about gay marriage.
For committed cohabiting couples, living together is a step on the path to marriage; for couples who are not committed, cohabitation is a social arrangement inferior to marriage.
One theory had been that the rise of cohabitation was the cause of the decline, and that fewer interracial couples were marrying because they were more likely to be living together outside of marriage.
In his new role, he will deal with divorce, ancillary relief, cohabitation disputes, civil partnership dissolutions and access to children.
In 2004, Bailey published an article, "Regulation of Cohabitation and Marriage in Canada," arguing that, after the legalization of same-sex marriage, Canadians would be able to turn their attention to the more urgent business of abolishing marriage itself.
The ATEAM Web site's ``Facts about cohabitation versus marriage'' are derived from Focus on the Family, a nonprofit evangelical group that says its primary reason for existence is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
As conservatives look at high rates of cohabitation and divorce, especially among poor mothers, many conclude that the institution you can't disparage requires a helping hand from the federal government to stay afloat.
Steven Nock, director of the Marriage Matters project and a sociologist at the University of Virginia, describes covenant marriage as a reaction to continued increases in divorce, out-of-wedlock births, and unmarried cohabitation.
It's the first to provide advice for cohabitation with cats, dogs and other common sources of allergies: chapters not only survey the sources of allergic reactions, but how to minimize allergens and allergen-proof a home.