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share living quarters

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A few years ago, the government's Human Microbiome Project mapped what makes up these colonies and calculated that healthy adults cohabitate with more than 10,000 species.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Colorectal cancer develops in what is probably the most complex environment in the human body, a place where human cells cohabitate with a colony of approximately 10 trillion bacteria, most of which are unknown.
They then examine 50 years of theories on romantic partnering, how individuals initiate and develop relationships, how romantic partners cohabitate, how they maintain relationships and deal with their dissolution.
While in post-modern societies like Sweden or Canada, unmarried mothers are likely to cohabitate with their partner, in Latin America, most unmarried mothers live either with their parents, friends or alone, not with a spouse.
Many women in Quebec remain fearful that they will lose freedoms if de facto marriage is imposed on them when they cohabitate.
The centre-left government will have to cohabitate with Basescu whose term runs until December 2014.
Speaking to the Mail, committee member and DISY deputy Christos Stylianides said he has promised "Accept -- Cyprus" (an LGBT rights movement) that he will work on drafting a bill safeguarding the rights of same-sex persons who cohabitate.
It is a song dealing with "the Islamic, Judeo and Christian dialogue, stating the three religions should learn to cohabitate.
Seeing that the laws in Saudi were so strict, he had no choice but to marry her if they wanted to cohabitate.
Unemployment is a major challenge, and some young girls cohabitate with male pensioners, living off their little N$ 450 pension money.
Girlfriend and Rocky and Bullwinkle nemesis, Natasha Fatale, come together to commiserate, and stay to cohabitate.
Marcelino de Jesus Martinez, 36 from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, was booked in Monterey County Jail, Greenfield, and faces felony charges of receiving money for causing a person to cohabitate.
I now only receive half of his pension and if I marry again or cohabitate the pension stops immediately.
A Shih tzus are easy-going dogs who tend to cohabitate well with cats, so I would just ensure you have feline-only areas of your house set aside so that your moggy can meet the new arrival on his terms.
It is admittedly true that many young couples these days cohabitate outside the boundaries of marriages, and that many others who do get married later get divorced.