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share living quarters

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Blue Creek "demonstrates that wind farms cannot only cohabitate with Ohio's rural communities but help them flourish," he wrote, and that, "with proper oversight from the Ohio Power Siting Board, wind farms can be responsibly developed in Ohio.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Colorectal cancer develops in what is probably the most complex environment in the human body, a place where human cells cohabitate with a colony of approximately 10 trillion bacteria, most of which are unknown.
Now researchers who study biofilms that cohabitate with marine sponges have discovered a quorum-sensing signal that controls the formation of the flagellum, a corkscrew-like appendage that rotates and allows bacteria to swim away from a biofilm.
Speaking to the Mail, committee member and DISY deputy Christos Stylianides said he has promised "Accept -- Cyprus" (an LGBT rights movement) that he will work on drafting a bill safeguarding the rights of same-sex persons who cohabitate.
It is a song dealing with "the Islamic, Judeo and Christian dialogue, stating the three religions should learn to cohabitate.
The Guide to Shopping describes the Japanese depato where cultural and social services cohabitate with the department store.
We live together, too," thereby transforming the PreCana event into a therapy session for Catholics who cohabitate.
More importantly, why were any of these women allowed to marry or even cohabitate with white men and have their children, in spite of the strict miscegenation laws in Georgia?
City-wide biotic mapping systems can be used to analyze which species should be discouraged and which encouraged to cohabitate with humans.
The document was remarkable both in what it said and what it didn't say: Absent were assertions of Catholic doctrine present in most church documents that gay sex is ''intrinsically disordered'' and that couples who cohabitate are ''living in sin.
Land of Tolerance" showcases a series of photo reports on the Muslim, Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Christian and Jewish communities of Azerbaijan, who cohabitate the same land for centuries.
Several months ago, nine Turks were killed in Germany, not because the victims had personal problems with their murderers, but simply because they were Turks living in Germany, and in that country there are people who don't want to cohabitate with the Turks.
com)-- A woman today does not necessarily have to walk down the wedding aisle and put a ring on her finger in order to-- have money, or have sex with a guy, or cohabitate with him, or share finances, or create a family, or even to have and raise children.
Living in Lebanon, the biggest "epiphany" for him was "the ease with which the sects cohabitate.
She even admitted that, at present, she would struggle to cohabitate with anyone else.