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share living quarters

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coli antimicrobial resistance profiles, accounting for the contribution of the different pet and human cohabitants as well as the household surfaces and objects.
According to the study, people also prefer this type of relationship as they erroneously believe that the law already protects cohabitants or that they are legally married after they have lived together for a period of time.
Most perplexing is how elusive Pistoletto's figures themselves tend to be, offering us, the reflected cohabitants of the space, only a profil perdu.
The 2006 act did give cohabitants some new rights - particularly in relation to household goods bought during the time they lived together.
We used the hula hoops to convey that neither the patient nor the health care staff were separate entities, but cohabitants of the mutual human-environmental field, which includes all other fields.
Language among cohabitants can be opaque to outsiders.
xii) but could not be in a collection making no claim to comprehensiveness--is how the state of Israel, for Fackenheim the absolute response to the Holocaust, responds to the non-Jewish cohabitants of its territory and their own tikkunim.
Maybe we need to rephrase that, because it seems our less esteemed earthly cohabitants aren't half as bad as we are.
The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended that initial H1N1 vaccinations be prioritized for five target groups: emergency medical personnel, pregnant women, children and adults aged 6 months to 24 years, caregivers and cohabitants of children younger than 6 months, and adults aged 25-64 years who are immunocompromised or who have chronic health conditions that may increase their flu risk.
Instead of wishing unrealistic New Year greetings while millions of our cohabitants are suffering from hunger, poverty and conflicts, the global community must counter the threats of evil forces and unite to work to realize the vision of a better world.
Through narrow streets, the oblivious taxi drivers sailed mere angstroms from the hapless un-motorized cohabitants who cast nary a glance as two tons of death bore down on them with unbridled fury.
Far too few cohabitants are prodded to look into their crystal balls as you have been, adding overwhelming insecurity to bereavement.
The statute does not create any rights between cohabitants.
After winning at Twickenham it will be interesting to see over the next few weeks what happens to them and their Liberty Stadium cohabitants Swansea City.
Thus, cohabitants in common with married persons can: apply for occupation orders and non-molestation orders; claim to succeed to statutory tenancies; claim damages under the Fatal Accidents legislation if the parties have lived together for two years; apply for financial provision under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) (Northern Ireland) Order; and act as relatives for the purposes of the Mental Health legislation.