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share living quarters

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With regard to the results of hierarchical multiple regression analyses, socio-demographic variables show that being female, not married/ cohabitant, less educated, and unemployed tend to lower subjective well-being, as demonstrated in previous studies (Lucas et al.
The proposals are that where cohabitants have lived together as a couple for a continuous period of at least three years, even if they do not have children together, they will be afforded some legal protection.
Empowering women will only bring her a level higher on the ladder so she stands on level grounds to shape and build the society along with her male cohabitants.
During the last de cade, an awareness has been increasing of the potential problems that selection for antimicrobially resistant bacteria among companion animals may cause on human health, due to the increasing utilization of the same antimicrobial substances in human medicine and to the close contact between pets and their human cohabitants (Guardabassi, Loeber, & Jacobson, 2004; Guardabassi, Schwarz, & Lloyd, 2004; Moyaert, de Graef, Haesebrouck, & Decostere, 2006; Schwarz, Kehrenberg, & Walsh, 2001).
7) It did not think that labeling Patricia as a cohabitant was "absurd" because Patricia had stipulated in an evidentiary hearing that her incarceration technically amounted to cohabitation and that she had voluntarily driven under the influence.
Even if you've lived together for many years, your cohabitant may be left with nothing if you do not made a will.
Police will search the apartment for evidence soon while they continue to question former Aum cult member Naoko Kikuchi, 40, who was arrested Sunday over the deadly Tokyo attack after being on the run for the past 17 years, and her 41-year-old cohabitant who was also arrested Monday on suspicion of harboring Kikuchi, the report said.
Marston Hefner was accused of one count of battery on a spouse or cohabitant and one count of vandalizing a laptop computer after the February 12 meltdown.
The researchers also identified and included as covariates a set of 7 non dietary factors that are well recognised determinants of preterm delivery: maternal age, height, prepregnancy BMI, cohabitant status, parity, smoking during pregnancy and familial sociooccupational status.
Les negociations doivent "mener a un accord, negocie entre les parties, qui mette fin a l'occupation qui a commence en 1967 et aboutisse a la constitution d'un Etat palestinien independant, democratique, viable et cohabitant dans la paix avec IsraE1/2l et ses autres voisins", a indique le Quartette dans un communique.
Howe wants chatter and clarity: "I address you at random / on the subject of doors" she proclaims, gently mocking Stevens's abstraction and solipsism with the familiarity of a cohabitant.
Bearing in mind the above points, Girvan LJ then turned to consider whether the withholding of adoption rights from unmarried cohabitant couples infringed the Convention rights of unmarried couples or indeed the rights of the child.
Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have eroded the traditional position by allowing some divorcelike settling up following cohabitant break up, and there is currently renewed interest in developing such an approach in the United States (see Ellman 2001, discussing proposals by the American Law Institute [ALI]) and the United Kingdom (Law Commission 2006).
The Kyoto District Court sentenced a woman to six years in prison and her male cohabitant to five-and-a-half years for physically abusing and starving the man's 3-year-old son to death in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto Prefecture, in October.